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App of the Week: Snake ’97

Back in the day, your phone had two distinct functions. Texting your crush, and crushing your friends high score on Snake. Now you can relive your youth. No, we're not saying your old crush is making a come back, but you can challenge your friends at Snake again. Snake '97 is now available to download from the Google Play store...

MINI EMU: Retro Gaming Made as Easy as Pi

Whether it be Sonic, Streets of Rage or Super Mario, do you remember gaming in the good 'ol days? One of the latest Irish Kickstarter campaigns seeks to bring all those memories back to your TV. Emulation is a popular method of gaming. By downloading an Emulator, you can play games from consoles of days gone by on your computer or smartphone....

The Evolution of Console Controllers

This just made us go "uhhh", "ahhh" while remembering the good old days. You can actually feel the controller in your hand as you watch the below controllers evolving!   Big hat tip to the guys over in gadgetlove and SpringDoseOfLove on Imgur.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Theme Hospital

The gaming industry moves forward with such pace, many games fall from grace to become "abandon-ware", aka a free download. The best part is, that some of these games are absolutely timeless and can today still take days from your life while making you laugh. Few games achieve this better than Bullfrogs, "Theme Hospital" What's Theme Hospital All About? Theme Hospital...