Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Goos3D tower,

Everyone was ready, all shaved and showered.

Christmas party night, we could wait no more,

5pm came and we skipped out the door!

“Lets party!” shouted Dean, his excitement a-plenty,

He booked us an Uber, and pulled out a twenty.

We headed for town, 12 pubs was the plan,

All paid for by Marty, he’s some man for one man.

Dublin Pub Finder was installed on his phone,

And Google Maps too, so we could find our way home.

The first pub was quiet, no Christmas fun…

One very quick drink, and then we were done.

The second pub beckoned, we checked out our app,

Down the street, turn left, and straight through the gap.

Gary was eager, he ordered his beer,

And checked in on Facebook, so we all knew he’s here.

But then Dean turn around, someone was gone…

Marty looked up and said, “Where the fuck is Jon??”

Jon was outside with a lady in blue,

And he was besotted, so he left the Goos3D crew.

But now she had gone, there was no more chat,

He’d not got her number. He thought, “Well, that’s that”.

He waited outside on the cold winter night,

All of a sudden, in the sky, shining bright.

The jolly laughter, sleigh bells a ringing,

“Let it snow! Let it snow!”, someone was singing.

Jon rubbed his eyes, gave a gasp and paused.

Standing in front of him, was THE Santa Claus!

“How’s the form Santa? You out on the rip?”

“I’m working!” said Santa, and gave his ear a clip!

Dean, Gary and Martin, all rushed outside,

When they looked up and seen Santa, they all nearly died!

Jon Knew that Santa was in a bit of a panic.

“My sleighs broken down, do you know a mechanic?”

“Help me out lads”, Santa was pleading

“I’m already late, and was done for speeding!”

Dean was excited, like a happy young boy,

He’d seen Santa’s sack, overflowing with toys

“I’ll help you out, for a modest fee,

You’ve loads of toys there, you can spare one for me”

“Whatever you want, just say it, it’s yours!”

By now Santa was begging, down on all fours.

“What’s the problem” asked Martin, showing concern,

“My sat nav is dodgy, and I made a wrong turn”

“Now it’s not working, and I’m no good with tech!”

Gary knew he could help, and said “Hang on a sec”

They all checked the sat nav, it had an error displayed.

“Easy!” they said, “you just need an upgrade!”

Jon tethered the sat nav to his Samsung S8,

And within a flash, it was working great!

“Thank you so much!”, Santa said with a smirk,

“You’ve been ever so helpful, where do you work?”

“We’re all from Goos3D, empowering the nation!”

“And Goos3D tower could use a brand new Playstation”

“No problem at all, I have one right here!”

“Now back to the pub, for more Christmas cheer!”

“Thanks Santa” they shouted, “We’re just happy it’s fixed”,

And as Santa left, they were all transfixed.

“He’s gone” said Gary, “but what happens now?”

Martin said thoughtfully, “We tell people…. Somehow”

Jon said, “If only we’d caught it all on the phone,

We could tell everyone, their minds would be blown!!”

Dean looked at Jon, “It’s a bit late for that!”

“Nope”, said Jon, “I’ve it all on Snapchat!”

Who knew that Jon could be oh so clever??

This would be a night they’re remember forever.

And as they looked up and seen the stars shining bright,

They heard “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!!!”

Wishing everyone a very Merry Goos3Dmas!!!

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