Please don’t do it Snapchat

As our avid readers will already know, we here at Goos3D don’t do ads. We don’t like them, we think they ruin the enjoyable experience of reading our lovely stories. Shame isn’t it that most other companies don’t feel as passionately about this as we do. Recently my favorite app, Snapchat could be getting unstoppable ads. Ya i’m not happy about this either.


Snapchat has been so revolutionary in terms of social media in recent years that plenty of companies have copied them. Think stories! Since Snapchat had great success letting people share their day to day lives with all their contacts live and in the moment, other platforms such as Faceboook and Instagram have “borrowed” this idea. As a result Snapchat have had a few issues keeping their users.

More and more people are sharing their moments on Instagram and Facebook over Snapchat. That god dam Boomerang has ruined everything! Maybe the already existing ads have contributed to Snapchats downfall and things are about to get worse, much worse indeed.


At the moment we can all skip the ads, so they aren’t too noticeable or intrusive but as ever money trumps experience and the fine idiots at Snapchat are rumored to be making a few changes in their next update.

Yup, unskippable ads… already the bane of many a YouTube binges or general online video content. We all hate them so why force us to watch them?

Well the answer is simple, money. Just check out this quote from Ad Age:

“Advertisers are not spending as much as they have previously with Snapchat.

“They have to do something that draws more interest from advertisers, and they are getting more aggressive to address the market’s needs.”

So basically because we as the users don’t want or like ads we are going to be forced to watch at least 3 seconds of an ad before we can skip, if we will be allowed skip at all. Whatever about me and you but the younger generation are even less likely to deal with the BS of in-bedded advertising hence this idea of forcing engagement to keep their attention for as long as possible. That’s if they don’t switch off the app completely.

Good Bye Snapchat?

This bothers me because surely innovation, customer feedback and creating an app that increased interaction through choice rather than force is more beneficial to both Snapchat and its users. Try telling that to the bean counters I guess.

Well I for one will not bother my arse watching that crap and if I feel this way I can only imagine plenty of you feel the same. At least on Facebook and Twitter we can scroll past the ads right?

Probably better off following us on them then. 😉

Ads To Pay The Bills
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