adding itv to sky box in ireland

Well, this World Cup is a catastrophe for so many reasons. But I’m not going to judge people who’ve been looking forward to football. If there’s a game on ITV you’re looking forward to, you can tune their channels in on your Sky Box. We’ve got you covered with this simple guide to adding ITV to Sky.

How To Add ITV To Sky

ITV doesn’t come preloaded on your Sky box. However, you can manually add TV channels in settings once you know the configuration. Here’s how you do this.

  1. Turn on your Sky box
  2. Press “Services” on your Sky remote
  3. Select “Options” from the menu.
  4. Scroll sideways to the “Add channel” tab and enter these settings:
    1. Frequency: 10.891
    2. Polarisation: H
    3. Symbol Rate: 22.0
    4. FEC: 5/6
    5. Standard: DVB-S
    6. Modulation Scheme: QPSK
  5. Once all of these are set, press the yellow button to find channels
  6. Once the search completes, you’ll see loads of “ITV” options.
  7. Highlight one and press the yellow button
  8. Press the green button to save your settings
  9. Finally, press the “Select” button.

How To Watch ITV On Sky

Now that you’ve added ITV to your Sky box, it’s time to tune into the football. Unfortunately, adding a channel manually doesn’t assign it a channel number. This means the only way to access ITV is through the Sky menus. Here’s how.

  1. Press “Services” on your Sky remote
  2. Choose “Options” from the menu
  3. Scroll sideways to the “Other channels” tab
  4. Highlight “ITV” and press the “Select” button on your Sky remote.

And there you have it. You’re setup and ready to watch ITV’s coverage of EURO 2020 on your Sky box.

Why Watch ITV Coverage of World Cup 2022?

There has been a lot of talk about the pundits being selected for TV stations ahead of the World Cup. More specifically, the talks have focused on BBC and ITV because they both have stellar lineups. The heavy hitter for ITV is Roy Keane. He’s headline news and with Ronaldo’s interview just before the World Cup, I’d pay for front-row seats to have his takes on the Portuguese star.

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