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We’ve all seen brands killing it on social media over that past few years. The likes of Paddy Power have successfully turned their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds into incredible marketing tools. This has left many other brands seeking the same success, which I can only imagine is what the Dealz Ireland Facebook page right now.

What’s Happening on the Dealz Ireland Facebook Page?

We’ve all heard of Elf on the Shelf right? The slightly creepy, always watching toy for children. Well, Elves Behavin’ Badly is another brand to enter the space with a slightly darker view on Christmas. A darker view the Dealz Ireland Facebook page has been making the most of. It’s best I just show you the posts.

The Elf Appeared in November

What an innocent post this was. I won’t dwell on it because the innocence didn’t last long with the birth of the ElfBehavingBad hashtag.

Elves Getting Nookie

Yep, that’s a Christmas elf having a threesome thanks to some Nooky Blue Pills, obviously a bargain version of viagra. That’s certainly one way to advertise your product range as Nooky is a huge selection of sex products in Dealz. The discount shop really started December as they planned to go on.

Elf Came in Like a Wrecking Ball

A naked elf swinging on a Christmas bauble held up with some tinsel. The Dealz Facebook page has gone so far, this is completely mild.

What a Bunch of Cocks

Watch this video clip to the end. It feels like this is the moment that Dealz turned a corner. The pun on the mugs is hilarious. The connection to the elf, seemingly unlikely but watch the clip to the end and it all becomes apparent.

Scratch that Itch

Now, I doubt that Dealz sells great toothbrushes. A recent trip to the dentist taught me that it’s hard to get bad toothpaste but very easy to get crap toothbrushes. Even so, Dealz toothbrushes are probably too good to buy if you just plan to scratch your arse with them. No talking to that elf though.

Star Wars: Use the Force

That’s a vibrator. That’s a vibrator from Dealz, that costs something like €1.50 being used as a lightsaber. In their defence, it’s one hell of a way to be topical.

Free Moustache Rides

Some comments called this one more subtle but in my opinion, this is the filthiest of the lot! I did enjoy the comment which pulled Dealz up because everything in Dealz costs €1.50. By now, if you haven’t worked it out, the Dealz Christmas Facebook campaign is not child-friendly.

Elves Love Teabagging

This post seems to have been the ignition point. This was the moment people really started paying attention to this campaign. That elf is teabagging a woman. Well, it’s a doll really but elves aren’t real either and you’re still reading this so let’s get passed that. Is this going too far? Possibly. Is it hilarious? Definitely. Is it controversial? Not as much as it previously was.

That’s a Twinings teabag and when this post first appeared, there was a box of Twinings in the background; hence the “spot the difference”. Twinings were less than happy to see their brand being connected with a Christmas elf teabagging a woman and took to Twitter before the original post was removed.

Dealz Ireland Facebook Page Makes a Mistake

Now, it’s probably not a mistake to them but this is a massive mistake around these parts. Dealz is known as Poundland in the UK. Obviously, they knew the Poundland brand wouldn’t be too popular in Ireland given our currency differences, but their social media team is still in the UK. They are clearly just duplicating their UK Poundland feed for Ireland. While hilarious, a little bit of extra effort in the localisation would have made such a big difference.

What do you make of all this madness anyway? Let us know in the comments below or our relatively tame Facebook page.

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