Where to Buy Mr. Beast Bars in Ireland

I jumped in the car and set off on my trip back to Dublin. I was peckish, so I pulled into the petrol station. Rather shockingly I saw Mr. Beast bars beside the till. About 4 different flavours. I was at the launch of Mr. Beast Burger so I was shocked to see these land without similar pomp and fanfare. Here’s where you can get them, and what I think about them.

Where to Buy Mr. Beast Bar – AKA Feastables

The first place has to be where I spotted it myself. It was an Applegreen Petrol station. I’m a bit taken aback by it all to be honest that this is where I first get to pick up one of the most internationally sought after chocolate bars. I was so surprised I picked up two without even really thinking about it. There seemed to be no shortage of the bars and for something that could be in massive demand, they cost just €3.50.

Don’t get me wrong. For a 60g chocolate bar, that’s a lot.

I’m still left wondering if Applegreen really put any marketing behind this because Mr. Beast Bars have similar social potential to the likes of Logan Paul’s Prime drink. They did post about it on Facebook, but that’s just not the right demographic is it.

Anyway, there you go. The bars in are Applegreens across the country. It might be worth noting though, that these are only the old packaging Feastables that are available.


Online and retail sweet shop, Munchdiddleys offers up a wide range of Beast Feastables. The range far exceeds those of Applegreen. But so too do the prices.

Similar looking 60g Mr. Beast Bars will set you back up to €8. So I’m not going to be dwelling here much because that’s silly money.

Sweet Boutique

Another online shop selling the same bars you’ll find in Applegreen is Sweet Boutique. Two negatives here though. They are €1 more expensive and they’re out of stock.

Are Mr. Beast Bars Worth the Hype?

I bought two bars from Applegreen. Absolute impulse buy. Didn’t really think about what I was getting but here’s what I thought.

Mr. Beast Bar – Original Chocolate

This is gross. It’s like Hershey’s chocolate in that it tastes, literally, a little like sick. This isn’t too surprising either. American chocolate contains butyric acid. This isn’t so common in Irish chocolate but it does exist in vomit. So that might seem a little familiar, unfortunately.

Mr. Beast Bar – Crunch

Then oddly, this one is lovely. It’s still not an amazing chocolate bar, but it’s enjoyable. This does contain the same chocolate, but it seems to taste better. The flavour is offset with some puffed rice which seems to help big time. I don’t think for €3.50 I’d be rushing out to pick this up again, but I would eat it again if I was given it.

What do you think? Over hyped or worth the hype?

Feastable Mr. Beast Bar FAQs

Where can I buy Mr. Beast Bars in Ireland?

Mr. Beast Bars are available in Applegreen stations nationwide. It’s the most reliable place to get them.

Are Feastables the same as Mr. Beast Bars

Yes! Mr. Beast is so famous that he tends to be more memorable than anything else. But the brand is actually called Feastables, despite most people searching for Mr. Beast Bars.

Why are Mr. Beast Bars so expensive?

Feastables are expensive because they are still relatively rare here in Ireland. They cost more to import and come much further. They aren’t special beyond that. You could argue you’re paying for the Mr. Beast brand to a certain extent too, which funds his content creation empire!

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