Ultimate Amazon Prime Day Guide in Ireland

It’s a pretty significant Prime Day in Ireland. This might very well be the last Prime Day where we’re all depending on Amazon.co.uk as the online sales giant is launching Amazon.ie in 2025. For one last year, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 2024 in Ireland.

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is a two-day sales event run by Amazon. During these two days, the company reduces a wide variety of products for various time frames. Some offers will last for the two days, others just a few minutes. Either way, all special offers are exclusively available for Prime Customers. This is, of course, a way for Amazon to promote Prime Membership, make some extra money but also reward customers for shopping with the online retailer.

Amazon introduced Prime Day back in 2015 with the mission to “offer a volume of deals greater than Black Friday, exclusively for Prime members”. However, it’s also believed that this “shopping spree” was introduced to encourage sales during an extremely quiet trading period for the company.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2024?

Amazon Prime Day takes place on 16th and 17th July 2024. It’s worth keeping an eye on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de already if you’re in the market for something. Reason being that prior to Prime Day a few discounts are usually to be found as “Early Deals“. For example, you can already pick up a 2 for 1 Ring Indoor Cameras offer.

In fact, if you’re in the market for any of Amazon’s own brand products, Prime Day is the time to study the sales pages. You’ll almost certainly pick up a bargain.

Make the Most from Amazon Prime Day 2024 in Ireland

The frustrating thing about shopping on Amazon.co.uk is the massive range of products that refuse to ship to Ireland. That’s both the Republic and Northern Ireland. This is due to a multitude of reasons including Brexit, customs, shipping costs and general restrictions. One annoying example is how hard it is to get anything with a battery from Amazon.co.uk, owing to batteries being banned on air freight.

Shop on Amazon With Revolut and Pound Sterling

With that said, Amazon does ship an incredible amount of stuff to Irish homes, even more since the distribution centre opened here a few years ago. One piece of advice that I always have for shoppers is to shop with Revolut. Revolut lets you pay in Pound Sterling and sidestep Amazon’s own exchange rates in the checkout. Amazon’s exchange rates can be a shade extortionate some times, so by paying Sterling you take the guessing out of it.

Amazon will charge you customs fees too, but refund these where applicable after a few days.

Make a Shopping List

I strongly recommend you make a list of items you want to buy during Prime Day 2024. Not because you’ll forget something, but to give you something to stick to. It’s easy to lose the run of yourself given that Amazon has mastered FOMO and making you feel like you need a lot of stuff that you don’t need at all.

Amazon has built in features to help you make wish lists and other category lists. Make one for Prime Day and make sure you just get the essentials that you really. Otherwise you risk this turning into the Lidl middle aisle on steroids.

Google Before You Buy

Because Amazon is an absolutely massive company, 90% of the time it will have the very best prices. It’s the economy of scale and the sheer buying power of Amazon means they can pass on great prices to you, the customer.

However, it’s not a fool proof tactic to simply shop on Amazon.co.uk to ensure you’re always getting the best price.

On occasion, I’ve seen products on the high street or in my local shops beat Amazon for value. It could be anything from electronics to beauty products. What ever you’re adding to your Prime Day shopping list, always double check that it’s not cheaper elsewhere.

And do the same for opinions. The reviews you can read on Amazon products can be helpful. I particularly like the little AI-summary of all reviews into a simple blurb. However, over the years more than a few reviews on Amazon have been found to be somewhat bogus. To spread your opinion seeking out across many sites, along with Reddit.

By following these tips you’ll be able to avoid overpaying for something that’s just not worth it.

Look for USB-C

If you want the cheapest deals of the lot, ignore this advice. But companies will generally try to offload their older devices with harder to find cables and fittings like micro-USB.

While the initial price might be lower, the inconvenience of hunting down specific cables and chargers in the long run can be frustrating and costly. I myself am already finding it harder to find a micro-USB charger at home for the two or three devices I have left.

USB-C, on the other hand, is becoming the standard for charging and data transfer, offering faster speeds and more versatility. Investing in a device with USB-C will likely save you hassle and money in the future as it becomes increasingly ubiquitous.

Best Prime Day Deals

Every year, I pick up a few bits in the Prime Day sales. Here are some of the best products I’ve ever bought during the sales. These are products I’ve bought which, to this day, I love and use regularly. They are a great example of how controlled purchases during these period can be just about bagging a bargain and not impulse purchases.

Power Tools – Bosch Power for All Cordless Power Drill

I love this Bosch drill so much. I use it for everything. It’s light enough for small jobs, like screwing together IKEA furniture, but also has hammer function for drilling walls. It’s an absolute work horse that I picked up in the 2019 Prime Day sale and still adore.

The Power for All system is a stroke of genius too. This system means I can guy any of Bosch’s tools in the range and use the same batteries for them all. So I don’t need to have 7 different batteries for 7 different tools. This is why I also bought the Bosch Multi Sander last year for a song.

Fitness – Massage Gun Deals

Massage guns are amazing for two reasons. First, when I do bother to work out (see my recent Limbo Review) a massage gun makes recovery that little bit easier. Second, when herself wants a massage it’s easier with a massage gun! I can avoid hand cramps and complaints about uneven pressure, and she gets a consistent, deep-tissue massage that leaves her feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. It’s a win-win situation for both of us!

The massage gun is one of those amazing things that everyone that calls over and see it, wants one. They’re not even that expensive these days, starting at about €30 on Amazon. It’s one of those purchases I find it unlikely you’ll ever regret.

Wi-Fi Extender

Chances are you know yourself there is one area of the house that doesn’t have Wi-Fi and you’re just living with it. Wi-Fi extenders have made running an internet connection throughout your home a doddle. Deco is a reliable brand that offers a strong balance of value and quality. I installed one of these and was happy with the app that came with it, the speeds, range and extra LAN ports that I got around the gaff.

Electronic Candle Lighter

Right up there on my list of cool thing that could be a gimmick, but isn’t are electronic candle lighters. You keep these charged and you no longer need lighters or matches to light a candle.

They are surprisingly easy to use and reliable. Just press a button, and a small electric arc appears, creating enough heat to light a candle wick instantly. No more burnt fingers or sooty hands reaching down into the bottom of a nearly finished candle.

This is a big one to keep an eye out for USB-C connections on as companies try to clear out their older stock in the sales.

What I am on the Lookout For

Because it’s a good time to buy things, I’ve kept a few random things in my basket for sometime. Things I want or need but am in no rush to actually get.

Socket Organiser

I need to tidy up some tools back home. My auld lad used to always give out about sockets rolling around in a poorly designed case and for that reason I’m eager to grab one of these socket organisers.

With a decent organiser, I can finally put an end to the socket chaos and hopefully earn a posthumous nod of approval from himself.

Solar Panels

Again, back home, I recently installed a solar panel for some Eufy security cameras I had put up. While the battery was reasonably good, they took an age to charge. Not ideal when I’m home visiting the mother, take the cameras down but need to get them back up again. These home security camera solar panels are great for keeping the battery constantly topped up.

Shower Speaker

I’m also have one or two shower speakers added to my basket in the hope they knock a few Euro off them during the sales. It’s something I’ve wanted for some time, but I’m happy to be patient with. Genuinely, this solves a problem for me. Our shower pump is incredibly loud and I like listening to music or a podcast while I shower in the morning but right now, I can’t hear a thing!

This has a suction cup so I can stick it to the wall and easily take it down to charge every few days. I’d rather get one without RGB but it seems nigh on impossible.


I’m going to be honest. I’m not after one of these myself, but I know lots of people are. The Octobuddy is an incredibly popular phone accessory that lets you stick your phone anywhere. It’s ideal for watching movies on the go or filming Tiktoks with friends. I’m going to say this could be one of the must-have accessories of 2024.

This is one of those guides which could go on forever. Amazon is a massive retailer that will have nearly something for everyone. But as I said, tackle Prime Day with a plan and a budget and you could end up beating the Bezos.

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