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speech centre gear vr app

Whether it be in college, a friends wedding or in your workplace, chances are you will engage in public speaking at some stage and Speech Centre is here to help you out.

People facing public speaking anxiety

Studies have shown that most of us face into public speaking at least once or twice a year and that a stunning 75% of people suffer anxiety from such speaking. Interestingly, both men and women are equally affected by public speaking, though men are more likely to seek assistance. That might be about to change, as getting help with public speaking anxiety is available on demand for Samsung Gear VR users.

Speech Centre on Gear VR

Virtual reality is incredibly immersive. That is to say you really believe you fell you are within the VR experience you pick. Speech Centre coaches you through several key aspects of public speaking, giving you practical experience and pointers throughout.The idea is brilliant in its simplicity.

Within the app you find yourself standing on a podium in a conference room. There are additional settings available with expansions also planned, allowing you to experience speaking in classrooms, lecture halls, interview settings and other various locations where anxiety is triggered by public speaking. The focus of the app is to ease users into the public speaking setting, teaching strategies to keep calm.

Users can then see how effective these strategies are by recording any playing back what they’ve said. The app then goes one step further and allows users to upload their actual presentation and simulates your Powerpoint on a virtual screen.

The future for Speech Centre

The application has a big future ahead of it and was recognised in 2015 with the Silver App Award at Mobile VR Jam by Oculus. Their are a wide range of situations applications such as this can be used to overcome anxieties, providing even more evidence that virtual reality bears huge potential for real world uses.

You can download and try out Speech Centre from the Samsung Gear VR Oculus Store now.

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