It’s cold snap season, which means it’s time for a topical review of a heater by me! Yes indeedy. Until now, I’ve been using a Dyson heater to heat my apartment. I’ve got three massive windows so it can be both tough and expensive, to heat my living room. So I jumped at the chance to review the AENO Premium Eco Smart Heater when the team got in touch. Mainly because I can control it with Google Assistant.

The AENO Premium Eco Smart Heater is an energy-efficient panel heater. The heater has a sleek and minimalist design that complements any décor. It is easy to use, with both manual controls and a mobile app. On the surface, the AENO Premium Eco Smart Heater is a great option for anyone looking for a safe, efficient, and stylish way to heat their home. But let’s dive into what I love and don’t love about it.

Why I Love the AENO Heater

There are a lot of great reasons to love the AENO smart heater, but the “smart” element is what really gets me. My apartment has a storage heater and some convection heaters, but they’re stupid. I mean that literally. I have no smart way of controlling them. I even tried getting a Switchbot button pusher bot but the switch on the wall is too stiff.

Thankfully, the AENO heater connects directly to my Google Home eco-system. When I’m out and about I can either use the dedicated AENO app to switch on the heat, or I can run automations through the Google Home app. I have an automation for bedtime too which switches off everything in the living room, heater included.

I shouldn’t gloss over the AENO app here actually. It’s fairly simple but effective. I have routines set that turn the heater on around 5am most days and switch it off again at 9am – because most days noone is home. Unless it’s a day I expect someone to work from home in which case I’ve added a rule for that too.

Using SMART mode, the heater works to keep the room warm instead of just always being on.

It’s also night to have usage statistics in the app, though with the cost of electricity these days I’d rather not be looking at it at all. Still, it’s not a wild price to run. My settings mean this has used about 308kWh which cost about €120. Versus other heating methods – it’s really not all that bad.

What I Don’t Love About the AENO Heater

It was a bit on the tricky side to get synced up with Google Assistant. Now that it is connected, there’s no problem at all though so it could have been something fixed with a software update.

I feel super uncomfortable that the heater can get up to 120 degrees Celcius. Maybe it’s totally normal, but that seems wildly hot. It’s ok for us here, but if you had kids or a pet you might want to lower that temperature. The really good news is that you can indeed control this in the app.

Fan heaters also make you feel like they work better. You can feel the heat better almost. If that makes sense. This isn’t a bad mark against the AENO as much as it’s a flag that if you’re used to a fan heater (which is more expensive too lets not forget) you have to have this panel heater running longer to heat a room.

The Verdict

I can’t say you will save on your heating with this heater. Because I don’t know how you heat your home. However, I’ve found the apartment to be much warmer since we’ve whacked this heater in. I love that I have more control over the heat when I’m away too despite being reared by a man who only trusted the fridge to be left plugged in when we left.

If you want a fairly budget-friendly way to add smart heating to your home, I think this might be the best option on the market. You can grab this smart heater from Harvey Norman and Arnotts.

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aeno-heater-review-smart-home-heaterIt's lovely to look at - but if you're not installing it, it's a bit on the big side. Still, I've found a home for mine. It does everything you want from a heater and more thanks to the smart integrations. Ironically, the heater is cool. I love it. It's a bit pricey versus cheap heaters, but you'll likely have it for years and it could save on heating depending what you're using right now.