I love a clever idea. If I see a problem that tech can solve, I’m all over it. That’s why I have automated tech everyone, much to the annoyance of my other half. But away from tech, I’ve also bought a few Joseph Joseph products over the years. I wanted to say I love Joseph Joseph, but it’s been a real mixed bag in terms of how useful each product has been. Here are the products I’ve bought, and whether or not I’d recommend them.

Joseph Joseph Totem Max

The Joseph Joseph Totem Max is a stackable bin. It’s not stacked one on top of the other though. Instead, the top bin is accessible by the top flap, while the bottom can be pulled out. Here’s the bin in all its glory. Well, in the box showing I actually bought it.

I have to admit, this was one of the most ridiculous Joseph Joseph products I’ve bought. I got it on Amazon and it set me back a whopping €150 on Amazon. In my defence, it was a moving-in present to ourselves for a new apartment and it’s a space saver. This is where you’ll always get me. I love clever storage.

The Joseph Joseph Totem Max I bought is a 60L bin in total. That capacity is spread across two 30L bins. We use the top one for general waste and the bottom one for recycling.

There’s also a third little bin that slots into the top second. This 3L bin is designed for food waste. Until I got my Reencle apartment-friendly composter, the top bin was home to all non-recycling waste and this was no use to me. Simply down to the fact we had no composting options. Now that I have the Reencle, it’s still not much use to me, but I’m sure someone out there would like the idea.

Inside the lid of the bin, you’ll find a carbon filter that mutes bad odours. This is why you want to keep the dirtier waste up here. I have to say, it works. We’ve never noticed bad smells from the bin until it’s open for a second. And now that we’re home composting, it’s even better.

The most ridiculous element of the whole Joseph Joseph bin experience is the custom-cut bags they’d love you to buy. They’re expensive and unnecessary. Your simple 30L swing bags from Lidl or Dunnes will do the same job for you.

A few weeks after we bought the bin, the easy-open latch failed. Joseph Joseph’s customer care was impeccable. Organising a new one within a few days, even though I’d bought on Amazon.

Joseph Joseph Totem Max: Is It Worth It?

Despite the ridiculous price, yes. I have to say I still don’t regret buying the Lamborghini of bins. It saves on space, lets us recycle easily and keeps bad smells in the bin, away from our living area. I appreciate most will laugh at the price, but of all the Joseph Joseph products I’ve bought, I’m most happy with the Totem Max.

The biggest downside is that awkward moment someone realises what you paid for your bin, and makes fun of you for it.

The Joseph Joseph Totem Max is pricey but extremely practical.

Is The Joseph Joseph Tota 90-litre Laundry Basket Worth It?

While the bin caught me off guard in terms of how much I love it, the Joseph Joseph Tota Laundry Basket is the opposite. I bought this because I was certain it would be the answer to our laundry problems. Constantly sorting whites and darks from colours to make up a wash. The Tota promised two lovely wash baskets that you can lift out and bring down to the washing machine.

For some reason, that simple reality just never came true for us. The lid meant it became the new “chair” or “exercise bike” in the room where you just dump stuff. A few months later, Jospeh Jospeh released the 3-compartment laundry basket that seems much more useful too. That means you can separate darks, lights and colours – a process this wash bin never facilitated. But that new bin still has the lid and still has the problem that people will be people. Maybe you’re a better person than me.

The Joseph Joseph Tota 90-litre Laundry Basket: Is It Worth It?

At €130 this was another absolutely frivolous purchase. But the draw of what seemed such a perfect problem-solving design caught me. As is often the case with Jospeh Jospeh. But this one is a miss and a regrettable purchase that continues to do the job it was bought for, but just not as well as I hoped.

The Joseph Joseph Totem Tota doesn’t quite deliver the solution it promises to be.

Joseph Joseph Collapsable Washing Laundry Basket: Is It Worth It?

Sticking with laundry and a complete plot twist. I love this thing. See, again, I want to make more of the space that we have in our relatively small apartment. There’s a small gap above our washing machine and we never have a laundry basket lying around downstairs. So this seemed an ideal solution.

The Joseph Joseph Hold-All Collapsible 35L Washing Laundry Basket Bag can be stored in that small space above the washing machine. It still leaves plenty of space for air to circulate. I can’t say more important as that is crucial for safety, but the bag is also to hand when I need it – which is great.

It holds plenty and means I can easily transport freshly washed clothes for hanging, or folded clothes upstairs. Then it packs away right where it’s needed for the next run.

The Joseph Joseph Collapsible Laundry Basket: Is It Worth It?

At a relatively cheap €35 for a Joseph Joseph product, I love this basket. It sums up what Joseph Joseph is trying to be in my eyes. Clever design and smart solutions to annoying problems and scenarios.

The Joseph Joseph Totem Collpasable Laundry Basket was the perfect solution to my specific problem.

Joseph Joseph Set of 4 Pot and Pan Lid Holders: Is It Worth It?

This could have been a yes. In theory, these are sound, but the adhesive eventually gave way and the lids fell off. Now, I’ll admit I didn’t stick them on the back of a press door which seems to be the norm. So the surface may not have been ideal. But even knowing this, these lid holders are sitting in a drawer somewhere waiting for me to put them up again. And I won’t.

This was a solution I just didn’t need. And that’s a “trap” that Joseph Joseph sets regularly.

Joseph Joseph Pot and Pan Lid Holders: Is it Worth It?

No. You can skip this one despite them being relatively cheap.

The Joseph Joseph Lid Holders are pretty useless, at least that was my experience.

Joseph Joseph Mezzaluna Herb Chopper: Is It Worth It?

Another one that seemed to be a simple nailed-on good idea. I’ve seen these rolling herb choppers a few times. This ticked the box of making chopping easy while also saving on space in the drawer. Felt like a no-brainer once I hit purchase. But then it just kind of sat there in the drawer. I’d reach over it for my new Wüsthof knife instead.

This does work and it works well. I can’t deny that. But on at least one occasion, I nearly lost control of the Joseph Joseph Mezzaluna because of the folding handles. For that reason, I lost confidence in it versus a good old-fashioned knife.

Joseph Joseph Mezzaluna: Is It Worth It?

Nah. It’s not overly expensive at €24.99, but you don’t need this. Get a real fixed mezzaluna or just work on your knife skills.

The Joseph Joseph Mezzaluna works but never felt comfortable. I just use a knife.

Joseph Joseph Cutlery and Knife Organiser: Is It Worth It?

This thing is brilliant. The Joseph Joseph Cutlery and Knife Organiser takes a little getting used to, but once you train your brain to know where everything is, it’s such a game changer. It stores long cutlery underneath itself if you get me. We bought the kit that comes with the lie-down knife block too. I love both equally.

It’s a fantastic example of genuine space saving in the kitchen, an area that Joseph Joseph usually nails.

The one catch with this piece of kit is that while it saves space, it’s sizable itself. So it doesn’t fit all the drawers. In our old apartment it didn’t work at all, but in our new place – it’s perfect.

Joseph Joseph Cutlery Organiser: Is It Worth It?

Absolutely. Just check the measurements versus your own drawers. You can pick this up for about €40, so if it fits it will organise your cutlery in the best way imaginable.

The Joseph Joseph Cutlery Organiser is a genuine game-changer. Once you’re used to it nothing else will do.

Joseph Joseph Salad Spinner: Is It Worth It?

Yeah, I’ll buy anything. That’s obvious when you see I bought the Joseph Joseph Salad Spinner. Look, it seemed yet again to be solving a problem with clever design and simplifying what a salad spinner should do. But whatever it is about the sink we have, it just doesn’t fit right. It’s quite a small sink, so that means the spinner doesn’t have someone to sit properly.

I’m writing this piece realising I’m talking about a €30 salad spinner and that there’s only one thing you need to know from me.

Joseph Joseph Spindola: Is It Worth It?

Nah. Go buy the one in the Eurosaver shop. It’ll do the job just the same.

The Joseph Joseph Spindola is another of those products that seem smart but you just don’t need.

Is Joseph Joseph a Good Brand?

To answer this final question, I look at the other elements that make up these products. That’s the company behind the products.

First up, as you can see, the products themselves can be a bit hit-and-miss in terms of the solutions they design. Ethical index “Good On You”, give Joseph Joseph a score of “We Avoid”. The rating is based on Joseph’s lack of transparency about its supply chain and its poor labor practices. For example, Joseph does not disclose whether it pays its workers living wages. Additionally, Joseph uses some animal-derived materials, but it does not have a formal animal welfare policy.

It’s disappointing to see a company that sells such expensive products not committing to their own staff.

That leaves me with question marks over this British company. With hit-and-miss solutions and patchy foundational brand ethics, it’s an easy brand to avoid.

Overall Are Joseph Joseph Products Worth Buying?

I’m sorry, but I’m on the fence; it depends. My overall opinion of Joseph Joseph is quite positive. Each product is usually really clever. And each product usually solves an old problem in a new way. That’s the attraction.

But that clever new solution won’t always work for everyone. That’s why even the smartest design from a company like Joseph Joseph can be hit and miss. I do not doubt that the laundry basket works a charm for people who have meticulous management of their washing. But if you ever just chuck your pants across the room onto whatever is there, it won’t work for you.

Think long and hard about each purchase before you commit. And every now and then you’ll be as happy as I am with my bin. But leave allowances for the odd disappointment too. If all else fails, check out the TK Maxx Home Section. You’ll often find Joseph Joseph’s products here with the prices slashed.

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