How many of us play a weekly 5 or 6 a side? Probably plenty. It’s painful to organise at the best of times, let alone these days. Trying to arrange a pitch, collecting cash to pay the venue and all that, whoever has ever been the coordinator for a group game knows the pain. Then when it comes to venues, there are a load who let themselves down by not being searchable online or simply don’t provide online booking, meaning unless you know the venue is there and free, it doesn’t get booked. We recently found a solution that works for both the venue and the group to make booking a pitch, court or hall easier than ever before. Bookapitch, simply allows you to find a local venue, book it and pay for it in one place.


Nowadays, especially thanks to Covid, local sports facilities like many other businesses are turning to technology to find new ways to increase their visibility and revenue. Bookapitch allows a venue to manage their facilities, book slots online, take online payments and advertise their offerings rather than relying on the old school methods of word of mouth, phone calls and cash payments. Now Bookapitch isn’t exactly a new idea, they have been tipping around for awhile but right now they are primed to strike when the iron is hot and from our perspective, anything that makes life for booking the weekly kickaround to get a bit of exercise done can only be a good thing. 

I was looking at the site and right now there is nothing available in Limerick on the site but the do have 146 venues and 977 facilities (pitches, courts, etc.) available to accept online bookings and payments from teams, clubs, local 5-aside groups, etc. So far, over 22,956 bookings have been made here in Ireland with 7,650 individuals and teams to now be able to book a pitch online. Which is a fine start if you ask me.

Using the Site

As a company, Bookapitch’ main aim to help 20 million people have the ability to exercise regularly. The site itself form a customer standpoint is very easy to use (there is also a login for venue providers). Literally all you have to do is pick your sport, city and time that you are looking for and the site will find the local venues that can support your game.

You get the dropdown list of venues as well as choices for pitch size and surface. From here scroll the available locations, pitches and price until you find the one that suits your needs. Finally pay online and that’s a wrap you are ready to go.

This is for more than just football by the way, if you play Tennis or need a hall for yoga, you will be able to find a facility to suit your needs. Making life easier to book your game, taking the stress away from money management and helping local sports facilities find a way to stay open. It’s all good stuff in my books. 

If you are part of a local club or venue that rents out a pitch, hall space or anything like that, Bookapitch will give them a demo on how to use the platform.

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