When I start writing articles, I do a little digging around online to see what people are searching for on Google. You see, I want to make sure you’re actually able to find this article but it can be hard sometimes. This article is about a red wine scanner, but people are looking for “the best red wine in Ireland” and “Tesco wine 6 for €50”. This would suggest there are some differences out there when it comes to what’s a priority when choosing a wine. But if it’s quality rather than quantity you’re after, MyOeno is the gadget for you.

Understanding Red Wine Characteristics

You’ll no doubt have heard wine specialists and your friend that’s a bit of a gobshite talking about the nose and body of red wines. For the regular red wine drinker, this can be harder to identify and remember after finding a bottle you really like. That’s why MyOeno was created.

MyOeno is a neat little gadget that you pop into your glass of red wine. This little silver wonder is like having your own pocket-sized wine sommelier. Once you pop the device into your wine, it runs an analysis and then gives you three key red wine traits:

  1. strength
  2. acidity
  3. tannins

You don’t really need to fully understand what these characteristics mean and the MyOeno service is designed to help you navigate the wine aisles and cellars.

Finding Red Wine You Like

After you’ve run your red wine analysis using MyOeno and have identified your three key characteristics, you can provide some additonal information. A quick scan of the label will update the MyOeno network, adding the wine if it’s not already there. Thanks to this system, the network is already rich in knowledge with tests run on thousands of red wines from around the world.

Users can also identify flavours and aromas that they think they’ve noticed and share these with the network too, with the MyOeno app building a taste profile to match your tastes.

MyOeno: The Verdict

I personally love a good gadget that makes me look smarter than I am and I’m more than happy to trust the opinions of thousands over my own. That’s why I love Vivino – an app that lets you scan labels to check for value and popularity. Right now, Vivino is probably still my weapon of choice because you don’t need an extra gadget to access a massive wealth of knowledge on all those wines available in your local Tesco or Lidl.

MyOeno has thousands of wines, but it doesn’t have many of the ones I went looking for – granted, I’m a completely uncultured mess of a man.

With all that said, MyOeno is an incredible gadget for wine lovers and at €99 could be one of the coolest gift ideas on the market for that wine wanker in your life. In a few years, I could see the app being much tidier and offering an even wider range of accessible wines. The company also has plans to dabble in other beverages, the most exciting of which for me would be whiskey or brandy, confirmed to be coming down the line when I met Bastien at Dublin Tech Summit. When that happens, it’s likely any home with a bottle opener will also have a MyOeno.

You can pick up the MyOeno on their website for €99 or save a few bob and buy it from Amazon. You’ll get free delivery to Ireland and all.

So, would you lob a MyOeno into your glass of wine? Let us know in the comments below.



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myoeno-smart-wine-testerIf you're a big wine fan, you're probably already on the MyOeno site picking yourself up a smart wine tester. The database of wines is really broad right now, but I'd imagine in a year or two both that and the app will have developed an incredible amount. If you're a casual wine enthusiast, Vivino is probably more than enough info for you.

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