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Us Irish are useless when it comes to some aspects of new technology. We’re often years behind Europe and the UK. Video¬†was, for quite some time, another great example of this reluctance to adopt tech. That was until Instagram launched Boomerang, a fun video looping app. Well now that we’re over the video hump, you should try out 1 Second Everyday.

What is 1 Second Everyday?

There’s a fair chance you’ve pulled together the gist of this app already. The app allows you to capture a 1-second clip every day. It will remind you when you haven’t already captured your clip, ensuring the movie of your life continues. The app has received massive coverage including a TED Talk after being backed on Kickstarter.


Why is this better than Boomerang?

Well, honestly, it’s down to opinion. I feel that Boomerangs, as cool as they are, simply capture a moment. Usually, this moment is pretty goofy because of the looping effect. 1 Second Everyday just feels much more meaningful. It’s not about the instant gratification of capturing a silly moment on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy those too, but there’s something about the long project that appeals to me.

Granted, there have been updates to the app in recent times that might detract from the idea. GIF looping, unlimited seconds can be added to days, little things like this. Still, the foundations are there and they are brilliant. By downloading the app, you’re committing to a much long term project. By the end of it, you’ll be reward with a movie of your life, packed with memories. Here’s the original clip that started it all:

This isn’t even my movie, but I almost feel an emotional connection to the clips. In this modern age of social media saturation, to enjoy such a connection online is rare. Give it a try, I’ll think you’ll enjoy it.

Download 1 Second Everyday on Android and iOS now.


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