Prime Day 2023: Everything You Need to Know

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Amazon Prime Day 2023 is just around the corner. As much as we all give out about Jeff Bezos, the man knows how to run a pretty impressive online shop and an even more impressive online sale every year. With just a few days left until Prime Day 2023, I thought it would be a good idea to pull together a few tips and tricks from my years of being an Amazon Prime customer. Hopefully. this can help you make the most of your pre-Black Friday 48-hour shopping spree.

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When is Prime Day 2023?

Amazon’s Prime Day will take place across July 11th and July 12th in 2023. Ahead of Prime Day, we survey more people in Ireland, asking them if they planned to buy anything during the upcoming sale. 9% of people said they would definitely be buying something. 19% said they were on the fence but would certainly be taking a look at what’s on offer while a further undecided 17% thought a purchase would be unlikely. The remaining 56% said they had no plans at all to buy anything.

With all of the perceived barriers to buying from, 44% of people we surveyed were still weighing up the idea of making a purchase during the Prime Day sale. These are pretty remarkable numbers despite the fact that shops back here are reopening along with the persistent idea of “shop local” which often sits uncomfortably with those who do choose to shop with the UK online retail giant.

I’ve already seen some Prime Day Deals appearing because I’m an existing Prime customer. Actually, that’s the next point.

Amazon Prime Membership

One of the main reasons Amazon runs the Prime Day sale every year is to promote Amazon Prime Membership. Prime Day offers some of the very best deals you’ll find online throughout the year. But the very best value is held back for Amazon Prime members.

Amazon Prime is a premium membership you pay for either monthly or annually. But, is Amazon Prime worth buying in Ireland?

This membership has grown in popularity as Amazon focuses a lot more on Ireland today than they used to. First, they started using local delivery vans and now there’s a dedicated warehouse in Dublin. This means much faster delivery on thousands of products. I’ve placed orders on some items as late as 8 pm and had them delivered at 11 am the next day.

Beyond this sale, that membership gets you access to year-round discounts, faster, cheaper and usually free shipping along with Prime Video, Prime Reading and Prime Music subscriptions also being included.

During the sale, members also get to see Prime Early Access sales. As I said, I’m already seeing Prime Day discounts on items when I visit

How Much Does Amazon Prime Day Cost?

Well, Amazon Prime Day will cost as much as you can keep control during the sales! The only definite is how much the Prime Membership itself costs.

New customers can try Amazon Prime Membership, free, for 30-days. That means you get to take part in one of the biggest online sales for no extra cost.

After that, you can either cancel your membership or continue it. To continue it will cost around €10 per month or €110 per year. I use Amazon quite a lot. I buy things that are just hard to find in my locality or when I just don’t have time to go shopping. So I actually have the annual membership. It means I get a free month on my membership too.

Watch Out for Lightning Deals

As the name suggests, lightning deals are time-sensitive, so it’s crucial to stay updated and act fast. Amazon releases new lightning deals every few minutes throughout the sale, so keep refreshing the “Today’s Deals” page to see the latest offers. You can also sign up for Amazon’s “Watch a Deal” feature, which sends notifications when specific deals go live.

To increase your chances of snagging a lightning deal it’s worth setting up alerts and reminders. Using Amazon’s mobile app will give you the biggest advantage here of grabbing the deal you want.

I also massively recommended creating a shopping list in advance. Tag up the items you’re looking to purchase and add them to your list. This way, you can quickly search for the products during the sale and check if any lightning deals are available for those items.

Remember, lightning deals are highly popular and tend to sell out quickly. I bought a Bosch cordless drill during the 2019 Prime Day Sale and I still use this every few weeks for DIY jobs. It was the top-selling product during that sale. While it was a bit of a lightning deal impulse buy, it’s paid off in the long term because I acted quickly on a great deal. For me, that’s the perfect example of buying something you know you’ll need at some stage for a great deal.

Use Your Revolut Account

From ASOS to Amazon, and some other stores that don’t begin with A, I do shop on UK websites from time to time. One absolutely shocking thing I’ve learned is that, where possible, pay in Pound Sterling. Many websites, both Amazon and ASOS being prime (sorry) offenders, will set their own exchange rate when you shop in Euro. The rates are ridiculous. Not that long ago, I saved €67 just by switching to paying in Pounds on ASOS.

But how?

revolut ireland

Well, all you need is a Revolut account (note: this is an affiliate link). Once you set up your account, you can get a virtual card immediately while waiting for a physical card (like my nifty Irish Cancer Society card). Once you have a virtual card with some money in your Revolut account and these card details added to your Amazon account, all you need to do is select “Pay in GBP”.

Your Revolut account will then pay in Sterling.

amazon pay sterling

This isn’t a dramatic saving by any stretch of the imagination, but here you would have just saved about 40c. The bigger the purchase, typically, the bigger the saving with this trick.

So there you have it – planning to make a purchase during Prime Day? Let us know on social media what’s in your basket and if you saved with our Revolut trick!

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