How Much Is Amazon Prime In Ireland: Is It Worth It?

how much does amazon prime cost in ireland

Amazon customers living in Ireland have wondered for a long time just how valuable a service Jeff Bezos offers us outside the UK. It might come as a surprise, but immediately after Brexit, Irish shopping on remained steady. I shop with the UK website and have noticed their delivery times to Ireland are stunningly fast and offer great value even with extra Brexit related fees. For this reason, I’m an Amazon Prime customer and I see the value in that. If you think you might too, here’s everything you need to know.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost In Ireland?

Amazon Prime costs £7.99 per month. I pay monthly through Revolut to make sure I’m always getting the best exchange rate on that along with not worrying about conversion fees. Last month, that worked out to be €9.45 for my Prime membership.

You can also pay for your Prime membership annually. To go down this route will set you back £79 per year. If you pay annually, you’re looking at a bill of about €92. Depending on the exchange rate when you buy annually, you could be saving €20 by paying for the year upfront.

Finally, if you just want to watch Amazon Prime Video there’s a specific membership for that too. That’ll set you back £5.99 per month, or €6.99 per month in Ireland, give or take a few cents.

Here’s a recap.

Amazon Prime Membership Costs In Ireland

Cost (Sterling)Approximate Cost (Euro)

Is Amazon Prime Worth It In Ireland?

Personally, I find Amazon Prime worth it. The least value for me is from Prime Video. I just don’t find myself scrolling through Prime Video looking for something to watch very often. But I do order somewhat regularly from and get decent savings along with free and quick delivery. It amazes me that Amazon can deliver to my front door quicker from the UK and passing through customers, faster than most Irish companies based here.

Amazon delivery vans now operating in Ireland

Still, Amazon Prime really is only good value if you use it somewhat regularly. I’d probably order something every week or at least every second week so maybe that’s the sweet spot.

What Amazon Prime Customers Get In Ireland

Along with the improved delivery experience, you get some extra sweeteners as a Prime customer.

  1. Amazon Prime Video included
  2. Unlimited Premium delivery
  3. Unlimited music streaming
  4. Unlimited photo storage
  5. Prime Reading

I don’t use much of this myself beyond the Premium Delivery. Ordering on Amazon can cost up £4.99 or more per delivery if you’re not a Prime customer. From time to time I might spot something on Prime Video, but the rest are nice to have features that I don’t use regularly.

Additional Prime Benefits

The cool thing for Amazon Prime customers in Ireland is that we’re starting to see additional benefits appear in the market. Just recently, Amazon and Deliveroo announced a partnership offering Prime customers free Deliveroo Plus membership. I’m already using this too.

Amazon Prime Verdict

If you plan to shop on in and sort of regular fashion, Amazon Prime is worth it. With Amazon confirming a full Irish fulfilment centre for 2022, the shopping experience will only get better for Irish-based customers. You can sign up to Amazon and try out a month of Prime for free to see if it’s for you.

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