…and Applause Store, the company responsible for the distribution of tickets, probably haven’t taken the best stance to endear themselves to the public.

You may remember the technical issues and the rush for Ed Sheeran tickets earlier this month. Well things have gotten a lot worse for Applause Store, the self proclaimed world best for distributing free television tickets. Whelans of Dublin was the venue chosen for Ed Sheeran’s VH1 Storytellers live show. Whelans’ capacity tops out at 400, leading to quite the rush on tickets, which initially crashed the Applause Store website.

Over 100 people were left disappointed and out in the cold while the show ran on without them. Today, Applause Store issued a heartfelt response to those who have complained…

The Applause Store website does clearly state in their Terms and Conditions that:

“Sadly not everyone we send our eTickets to, use them, so we have to over-issue more tickets by a percentage to compensate for these no-shows to ensure a full venue/studio/location.”

The conditions continue by stating:

“Entrance is subject to seating/venue capacity & served on a first come, first served basis. All eTickets do not guarantee entrance.”

So they have legally covered themselves, although through the excitement of getting one of 400  (well 500) tickets, led people to miss the old T’s and C’s, which can hardly be considered prominent on the Applause Store site.

So what do you think? We’re the competition winners foolish in not reading the Terms and Conditions? Have Applause Store been a little ruthless in their response? Leave your comments below!


If you need some Sheering up today, just watch the video below! Ed Sheerchin….brilliant!

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