FREE DOWNLOAD: Theme Hospital

The gaming industry moves forward with such pace, many games fall from grace to become “abandon-ware”, aka a free download. The best part is, that some of these games are absolutely timeless and can today still take days from your life while making you laugh. Few games achieve this better than Bullfrogs, “Theme Hospital”

What’s Theme Hospital All About?

Slack Tongue Theme Hospital Free DownloadTheme Hospital see’s you take over the reigns of an empty shell of a hospital. You start out by hiring your basic staff and treatment clinics, before patients start arriving with hilarious afflictions, such as Slack Tongue or Broken Wind (caused by using a treadmill after a meal).

Your goal in Theme Hospital is to treat patients, keep them happy, innovate and fend off your rival, neighboring hospitals.

So how much does this cost?

Honestly, Theme Hospital is now available on free download. Yep, completely free, won’t cost you a penny. You will have to sign up for an EA Origin Account, but that’s it. Also, as it was originally released in 1997, Theme Hospital will most likely work on any machine you have.

And the catch?

The only catch is, if your Research Department in Theme Hospital is discovered, the pubic reaction will be significant.

Get over to EA’s site now to get your free download of Theme Hospital! Let us know what you think of the game, or comment below if you think there are better freebies out there.

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