Kevin Smith will reportedly write, direct and be executive producer for a new Spawn spin-off series. The announcement follows a successful run on The CW network for both The Flash and Supergirl.

Kevin Smith set to direct Spawn spin off

Kevin Smith’s on a roll

You’re forgiven for not recognising Smith’s name straight away. His face on the other hand. Smith is most likely best known for his role as Silent Bob in the Jay and Silent Bob franchise. He’s stumbled through a lot of acting and writing work to date. Recently he has managed to make waves as a director for hit series The Flash.

The Spawn Universe

Smith dives into the Spawn universe with a new spin-off series based on the Sam and Twitch books written by Todd McFarland. Spawn, renowned as the anti-hero from hell, provides an interesting universe. Smith could build on the momentum generated off the back of last year’s hit anti-hero Deadpool.

Meet Sam and Twitch

This time we follow Sam and Twitch, two homicide detectives as they try to uphold the law in Spawn’s world. In the comic books, the duo primarily dealt with crimes relating to the occult. You can expect to see them faced with grizzly murders to solve and some seriously bad mojo in the form of paranormal badasses.

Smith has gained some praise for his turns on the CW shows Supergirl and Flash. His personal projects haven’t followed suit. Smith announced Clerks III last year, but for various reasons the film was cancelled. His planned Mallrats series also failed to pick up traction with networks. Netflix US did add Smiths most recent work, Yoga Hosers to their collection, despite being a critical and commercial flop.

Here’s hoping that this Spawn series works out better than the cheesy as all hell cult classic film (I must admit I have quite the soft spot for the 90’s film).


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