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So, today I find myself stuck between two positions. One, the enviable position of writing my first article for Goos3D. The second, which I can emphatically say is my less enviable, getting a tattoo finished off. Thankfully, the latter gives me plenty of time to write, in between bouts of wincing and moaning.

I find it odd, doing the first of anything is the most difficult, this article being no different, is leading me to quite a lot of head scratching and beard stroking. I will, however, persevere.

My first quandary, what exactly should I write about. Martin briefed me to write about something I’m passionate about.  For me, that’s a million and one things. I suppose, for now, the biggest thing that piqued my interest for the day was the early casting of the live action Lion King movie. If you haven’t seen or heard yet, it’s big, it’s amazing and it involves an old face making a return.

Mufasa is back and Darth Vader is once again a Lion

In other words, James Earl Jones has signed on for the movie. For me, that means a lot. For anyone of my age bracket, hell, anyone’s age bracket, it’s going to be a huge nostalgia boost. You know, not that a Lion King live action film isn’t anyway. Even the cast are excited about it.

The film that, personally I remember best as a kid is coming back. Having seen the musical last year and been blown away by it, I can only be excited for another visit the Serengeti. Beautiful rolling lands inhabited by magical creatures and singing sunsets.

I apologise, I  lost the run of myself there a little. But it is exciting to know that one of the biggest parts of my childhood is coming back.

New buck on the street

Of course, there was the second announcement too. A young buck, a new gazelle to the Lion King world, the one, the only Donald Glover. Best known for his role as Troy Barnes in Community and by his rapper pseudonym Childish Gambino, Glover has also signed on as Simba.

This is an exciting addition as Glover was also cast as the second most charismatic man in the Galaxy Lando Calrissian in the upcoming movie Hands Solo… do I have to say it? Fine… solo film.

These two castings have me nearly wetting myself with excitement for the newest addition to the Lion King franchise.

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