Increase your iPhone Storage: iPocket Drive

We love solutions to real world problems, and one such solution is coming by way of INDIEGOGO.

iPhone Memory Issue

iPhone 6 memory capacityWith the launch of this year’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, many were a little put back by the capacity range released. Customers now had to choose between 16GB 64GB and 128GB, removing the much loved 32GB model. A recent iOS update which required a large amount of memory to install brought doubt to many that 16GB was enough memory. Further doubt came by the hefty price tag dangling from the 64GB models.

iPhone Memory Solution

iPocket Drive Memory iPhoneNecessity being the mother of invention ensured a solution would not be far away. With 19 days currently remaining of it’s INDIEGOGO campaign, iPocket Drive seems like a ridiculously simple solution to a frustrating problem. On many handsets, a MicroSD card solves the memory problem. While this is not an option on Apple, the iPocket Drive acts as a workaround to increase iPhone memory capacity.

How iPocket Drive Works

The double sided device can be plugged into an iPhone 5 and above, and the USB port of a computer. This allows for easy transfer between devices. Of course, in the below video, the security of the cloud is berated, with the iPocket Drive offering a more “old fashioned” physical memory solution to the iPhone capacity “problem”.


We can almost guarantee that in a few years time there will be various copies of this device available for a fraction of the cost. For now, the iPocket Drive can be considered to be a little on the pricey side. A 16GB iPhone 6 would set you back €699, directly from Apple, while the 64GB and 128GB model weigh in at €799 and €899 respectively.

To get your hands on a 16GB iPocket Drive, you will be parting with around €80 and €130 for the 128GB model, going by INDIEGOGO campaign pricing.

The Verdict

With almost 4000% of it’s original INDIEGOGO target smashed, the public outcry for a device such as the iPocket Drive has been phenomenal. Whether or not this device will reignite the public’s love of the 16GB handset, or instead shine as an alternative to iCloud, remains to be seen, but the device is destined for success.

We can’t help but feel that an opportunity was missed not to develop this into a phone case rather than a completely external accessory. This is often the difference between brilliance and a device that’s found in EuroGiant after a year. Simply put, always be weary of Apple devices that don’t have an Apple logo.

You can follow the development of the iPocket Drive and get on board yourself over at their INDIEGOGO page.

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