New year, new me. Broke and still unhealthy


How long did your New Years resolution last in the past? A month? A week? Maybe a day? Well maybe we should just stop this merry dance and admit the important thing is your New Years resolution simply didn’t last. You may have read recently that we’re trying to help you kick your snooze button, but some wiley old coot is tackling a much more traditional problem – smoking.

quitbit-lighter-2-thumb-620x364-82022Quitbit is a Kickstarter project that is primed and ready to takeover the…ahem, January. Quitbit have managed to begin shipping on the 24th of November with the New Year deadline well and truly in mind. Essentially, Quitbit is a lighter designed to help one quit smoking. Yep, you read that correctly, a lighter to stop you smoking. Granted, at €100 you probably won’t have the money left for the pack of smokes anyway.

The Quitbit is in the most basic sense a smart lighter which contains a headed coil requiring a charge about once a week. The device itself tracks every cigarette you smoke, syncing to your smartphone. You can then view all your smoking habits in graphs and minute detail and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good graph? The really smart bits have yet to come.

Quitbit GifIf you can imagine that last time you wanted a cigarette but you only had one left, I bet you waited an age to smoke it. Well what if your super expensive lighter only had one more spark up left in it? You can set limits on your Quitbit and once you’ve reached your daily quote, there’s no more fire for you. Being marketing geniuses, the makers of Quitbit have also highlighted that if you were to just reduce your smoking by one cigarette a day, you’ll slowly but surely be covering the cost of the lighter.

Then again, if you use the lighter long enough to cover the cost, you probably aren’t really quitting and you could have bought a really nice Zippo lighter. Still, looks cool though.