Burton & Bennett Snacks Ltd is Binley Mega Chippy of 2024

Image courtesy of the Burnley Express

I genuinely can’t believe it’s been two years since Binley Mega Chippy blew up on our TikTok feeds. I was scrolling through TikTok last week when I found Burton & Bennett Snacks Ltd. I immediately thought to myself, this is it. We’ve found the next one.

“That” TikTok Sweet Shop

From the early days of lockdown and TikTok getting popular, sweets have played a massive part. Shops and livestreams of shops bagging orders have been the norm. So it’s no surprise that the next random viral sensation is, yet another, sweet shop.

“That” TikTok sweet shop that everyone is talking about is the Burton & Bennett Snacks Ltd. The shop can be found in Brierfield in the United Kingdom. The shop has been set up by friends Paul Bennett and Gordon Burton. The charm is the select nature of their stock. 

On the shelves are a couple of cans of drinks and a relatively small number of sweets compared to what you’d normally see in similar shops on the high street.

Image from the Burton & Bennett Snacks Ltd Go Fund Me

While many are taking the opportunity to mock the friends, I personally see this as a positive entrepreneurial venture between the two. They’re curating some of their favourite snacks and likely turning a small profit while they do so. 

Could it all turn out to be an elaborate prank for a massive sweet company? These days it wouldn’t surprised me at all, but the pair seem genuine.

Viral Sensations

Unfortunately for the pair, I do feel quite a bit of their virality is stemming from negativity. However, they seem eager to stay positive.

Speaking to the Burnley Express, the two don’t seem phased by negative comments. Paul himself says, “We have had some negative comments but we believe that it just people being jealous. We are trying to do something good here for the community and to prove to people that anyone can do this”.

The pair’s first video has already racked up 1m views with a follower count growing steadily. Other TikTokers are visiting too, giving the page and the business further boosts. 

For me, I just hope people continue to respect the guys while also enjoying their curated selection of snacks. If they weather the storm that TikTok virality brings, they could be off to the perfect start at Burton & Bennett Snacks Ltd.

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