What a headline. A few years ago, my Mam had a funny typo on Facebook on Christmas Day. She celebrated that “Willy Wanka” was on TV. That has now been relegated to second place on my list of funniest Willy Wonka-related things to happen. And that’s all down to the Willy Wonka Experience in Glasgow. Such was the controversy around the event, many are tipping The Unknown from the experience to be the big Halloween costume of 2024 already. Here’s the low down and where you can buy the Willy Wonka Unknown mask.

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Willy Wonka Unknown Mask is on Amazon

I’m going to explain what’s going on, but assuming you get all of that, here’s where you can buy the Willy Wonka Unknown mask. Keeping in line with the very awful experience in Glasgow, the mask is just a chrome-coloured mask and it’s on Amazon.co.uk. It costs less than €15. Add to that a hooded gown and you have 2024’s must-have Halloween costume.

The chrome mask is available on Amazon

Now, if you’ve read that and were left wondering what the bloody hell all of that means, let me explain.

What Happened at the Glasgow Willy Wonka Event?

Right, first thing’s first. It’s not exactly clear how legit this whole event in Glasgow was. By that, I mean I’m not sure Warner Bros had greenlit the use of the Wonka World. Tickets costing up to £35 were sold by House of Illuminati, the event organizer, for what was promised as an immersive experience inspired by the recent Warner Bros film “Wonka.” Starring Timothée Chalamet as a young Willy Wonka, the movie captured the imaginations of both children and adults during the holidays.

Image courtesy of Eve Stewart

What actually went ahead fell unbelievably short of expectations.

Upon arrival, attendees, including children dressed in Willy Wonka costumes, were met with a poorly decorated venue lacking promised features. There was a single bouncy castle instead of the advertised elaborate sets and activities. From TikToks that I’ve seen myself, the Chocolate River was just a bridge over some vinyl on the ground.

If it wasn’t for the genuinely heartbroken children, this would be hilarious. Rather stunningly, the event had no chocolate. Actors were asked to give children a quarter cup of Tesco lemonade and a single jelly bean. Though I have seen videos of one “oompah loompa” giving two jelly beans. Oh, the oompah loompa actors also said they were sent the “sexy oompah loompa” costumes the night before the event, not child-friendly costumes.

The event was such a shambles that not only did people demand refunds and it went viral, but police were called by angry guests.

The event organiser cut corners at every turn to save money. One way they did this was through the use of AI-generated content. This was for the promotion of the event with AI-images, but also through AI-generated scripts for actors hired to entertain guests. This emerged as actors from the day have begun appearing on TikTok describing the event from their point-of-view. Only adding to the insight into how big a disaster this event was. Plus, they are saying they havene’t been paid, so getting publicity is the least get than do, though hopefully that gets resolved too.

One actor said the biggest red flag was that he was hired to play Willy Wonka, suggesting he looked nothing like any from the classic lore.

@paulconnellcomedy I was an actor at the #willyschocolateexperience in #glasgow this weekend and here is the first of 3 clips of me talking about it. #willywonka #houseofilluminati #willy #glasgownews #willywonkaglasgow #chocolatefactory #actor #glasgowtiktok #stvnews #bbcnews #bbcscotland #willywonkaexperience ♬ original sound – Paul Connell

This is where we get The Unknown.

What is Willy Wonka’s Unknown?

From my research thus far, I don’t believe The Unknown is any part og the Willy Wonka world and lore. It apparently only exists in this weird AI-generated Glasgow event. I’ve never typed such bizarre sentences.

Anyway, one character generated by AI for the event is The Unknown. The Unknown is the chrome-masked evil character, who on the day, was hiding behind a mirror for some reason. The Unknown is an evil chocolate maker that lives in the walls. Yep. Lives in the walls.

@tdrnco They even created a villain name The Unknown (he makes chocolate and live in the walls) lmao #willywonka #willywonkaandthechocolatefactory #ai #viralvideo #viraltiktok #fypシ #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound – Tt♉️

The Unknown won’t be giving Mr. Slugworth a run for his money any time soon.

However, the world is taking The Unknown into their hearts. Demand is growing online for the actor to come forward and tell their story. More people want to see the scripts behind the show too. Just how bad did AI get it?

There is a lesson to be learned here. A human content creator, at some stage, would have said this is an awful idea. AI didn’t know what was coming at all.

For now, if you’re feeling down at all, I beg you to go dive into the world of the Glasgow Willy Wonka event. While some kids were upset, I’ve read that even some parents, while still seeking refunds, did find just how bad everything was objectively funny. So the deeper you dive into this mess the funnier it will get. And in the coming days, there’s only going to be more as the Unknown actor becomes known.

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