Every month, I pull together the best SIM-only deals and offers in Ireland. 48 has been top of the list for some time now mainly due to longevity of value which puts it slightly ahead of the likes of Lyca Mobile. However, there was one thing missing; 5G. But that’s no longer the case. 48 now offers free 5G on their €12.99 plan.

This means that if you’re a 48 customer, on their €12.99 plan and in a 5G area with a 5G-capable phone, you’ll be able to enjoy super fast internet access on the go. In case you’re wondering, all iPhones since the iPhone 12 support 5G along with a wide range of Android phones too. If it doubt, just check GSM Arena to see if your phone supports 5G. Also, double-check your settings to make sure you have 5G active.

Is 48 5G Fast?

48 5G is powered by the Three network. As such, you can expect it to be pretty widespread, high quality and fast. I just carried out a really quick test indoors and got a 160Mbps download with 26ms Unloaded latency and a 7.8Mbps upload. Sure enough, that’s some way short of 5G technology’s upper abilities, but for an indoor test that’s fairly impressive.

More importantly, those kinds of speeds are more than enough for you to do pretty much anything on your phone. It even opens the door for the likes of mobile gaming, especially if you have something like the Backbone One which I recently reviewed.

Let’s put that into context. Imagine you’re just about to jet off on holiday. You realise you haven’t downloaded anything on Netflix for the flight. If you can get a 5G connection in the airport or on the runway, you will be able to download a HD movie in about 15 seconds. Isn’t that handy?

If you’re not a 48 customer, you can still make the move and get the most out of this offer. Order your free 48 SIM and move before 15th April 2024 and get the 48 €12.99 plan, which we consider to be the best in Ireland right now, and get one month free too. Just make sure you purchase your first plan before 6th May 2024.

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