Irish PS5 Price And Launch Date Confirmed


And there it is. We finally have an Irish PlayStation 5 price and launch date confirmed. After answering your questions about the PlayStation 5 launching in Ireland a few weeks back, here are the final pieces of the puzzle you need.

PlayStation 5 Launch Date In Ireland

The PS5 will be launching in Ireland on November 19th. That’s the good news. The kind of bad news is that we’re not in the first wave of launches. A week earlier on November 12th, the PS5 launches in US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. China has been given a specific call out as pending a launch date, so I guess we should count ourselves lucky as it appears that PS5 won’t be available there for either launch date.

PlayStation 5 Price In Ireland

This was always going to be the really interesting part of the PS5 launch. I say that because Microsoft took a two tier approach with their pricing across two very different consoles. Sony does have a similar approach in that there’s two versions of the same console, the difference being one has a CD-drive and the other doesn’t. For those of you with lightening fast broadband connections, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition comes in at €399.99. If you’re buying in the UK it’s actually a little cheaper at £359.99 giving you about a fiver if you were to pick out your console up North.

The more expensive model is the CD-drive version of the PS5. This is the standard model which is just called the PlayStation 5. This console will set you back €499.99 in Ireland or £449.99 in the UK. I don’t for a second think that you’re going to order in a PS5 from the UK to save €7 but at the same time, if you’re passing through Newry, why not?

When Can You Pre-order PlayStation 5?

That’s the brass tacks so far. There’s some more info we’re waiting on confirmation on, including pre-order. We’ll keep an eye out and update this article when pre-order opens.