Top 5 Groupon Apple Deals Available Right Now

Apple have a rich history or very high quality wares. Such high quality often comes at a certain cost. Groupon allows you the opportunity to get yourself some Apple branded tech while also saving a few bob! Here’s the top 5 Apple deals on Groupon right now.

1. Apple iPhone

You’re two months into your contract, but you’ve just dropped your brand new iPhone down the toilet. Of course, you didn’t take that insurance that seemed too pricey, but not you’re going to pay! Well, don’t pay too much. Groupon has a wide selection of Apple iPhones for you to choose from at cut prices.

Refurbished iPhone 5S 32GB – €409.99

Apple iPhone 5SWith the launch of the iPhone 6, the 5S has maintained a strong level of popularity amongst punters, largely owing to it’s size offering the best, relatively small, handset on the market. The iPhone 5S comes in Space Grey (black), Silver (white) and gold, with a 12 month warranty.

Refurbished iPhone 5 32GB – from €299

These handsets come factory unlocked to all networks and with iOS 7 installed. You can pick up the iPhone 5 from Groupon in black and white.

Refurbished iPhone 5C 16GB – €269.99

Apple iPhone 5C groupon IrelandIf you want an iPhone but with a little bit more colour, the only option is the iPhone 5C. You can pick up this cut rate iPhone from Groupon in white, blue or pink.

Refurbished iPhone 4 8GB – €149.99

Maybe you want the Apple logo without all the cost and dazzle that comes with the latest iPhone. If you simply like the way iPhone works, then this is a great deal for you. This iPhone 4 comes with 8GB of memory and you can choose between black or white.

Note: Refurbished handsets are not brand new handsets. They are preowned and factory reset, often looking brand new or showing some signs of wear and tear. All refurbished handsets discussed here, come with a 12 month warranty.

2. iPhone Accessory Bundle

Apple accessory pack groupon IrelandMaybe you look after your iPhone and don’t need to buy one at all. How about you get some discounted accessories instead? Valued at €71, Groupon offers this accessory pack for just €16.99. While not official Apple merchandise these kits are compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 6. Included in the pack are two black cases, a sports band, a docking cradle and loads more!

3. Apple iPad

iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB – €369

ipad air groupon irelandPerfect for sitting at home on the Wi-Fi while watching Netflix. Better still, to buy this directly from Apple would set you back €409. This is a brand new unit, though it does only ship with US power adaptors. Still, not enough to put us off it! The iPad Air 16GB comes in Space Grey (black) or Silver (White).

iPad Mini Wi-Fi 16GB – €219.99

Available in either black or white, the iPad Mini is perfect for use both on the go or at home. Most importantly, this is again brand new and to buy directly from Apple would set you back €249.99

4. Apple TV 3rd Generation – €79.99

Apple TV Ireland GrouponWe’ve updated this listing to direct you to the Apple Store instead of Groupon. A day after publishing this article, Apple slashed the price of the Apple TV, meaning you can now enjoy YouTube, Netflix and all your iTunes music on your TV for just €79.99

5. Space Bar Desk Organiser – €74.99

Apple Mac Desk Stand TidyThis may be a stretch as it’s not strictly Apple, but given its design it will appeal to anyone with a Mac (and many without). Worth €129.99, this piece of kit is designed to five you somewhere to push your keyboard and mouse when not needed. Rather neatly, it also gives you 6 additional USB ports, which is fantastic for charging throughout the day. Time to go begging to who ever does the buying in your office!

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