MINI EMU: Retro Gaming Made as Easy as Pi

Whether it be Sonic, Streets of Rage or Super Mario, do you remember gaming in the good ‘ol days? One of the latest Irish Kickstarter campaigns seeks to bring all those memories back to your TV.

Emulation is a popular method of gaming. By downloading an Emulator, you can play games from consoles of days gone by on your computer or smartphone. In the interest of convenience, Sumbo Design,  a Dublin based company, have brought over 40 emulators into one neat little box – the MINI EMU.

The popularity of such a device cannot be questioned, as the project was funded within just 24 hours. It hardly comes as a surprise, as the device allows gamers to enjoy games like Crash Bandicoot, Gran Turismo, Quake and Duke Nukem 3D. Not all games come pre loaded as ‘including copyrighted games […] would be an act of copyright infringement’, however the projects site does maintain an FAQ section with details on how to install games.

It doesn’t stop there. The MINI EMU is powered by Raspberry Pi, a tiny computer. This means it can run other software. The MINI EMU comes preloaded with KODI, a full entertainment system that can be loaded with plenty of entertainment. KODI operates in a similar grey area to Showbox.

The MINI EMU offers quite a substantial entertainment package for a remarkably low price. Early backers of the Kickstarter can pick up the device from just €99, with delivery expected in August 2015.

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