Dare to Care: Goosed gives up smartphones

Goos3.ie does dare to care

Dare to Care is being headed by Today FM to support the Irish Cancer Society. Funds raised by the initiative will go to support cancer researchers tireless efforts to find better ways to diagnose and treat cancer.

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What is the idea behind Dare to Care

Today FM will be daring their presenters to do something that either scares them or makes them uncomfortable. In return, they’ll raise money for doing it. To date, Ian Dempsey shaved his head and Matt Cooper donned a pink hairdo. This whole effort runs through September, and we here at Goosed.ie are set to do out but.

Daring Goosed.ie to give up smartphones

It’s the 16th birthday of the Nokia 3310 and we got all nostalgic thinking it would be great to go back to the days of Nokia ringtones. This escalated into dares, so you see where this is going.

We’ll be giving up smartphones for as long as you can fund it! That means Martin will be getting lost in Dublin without his sat nav, Jon will finally be pulled away from Pokémon GO, Dean will have to dig out his Discman and Gary might miss something in fantasy football.

The scene is set for utter devastation.

Turn the screw…

You decide how long we go for. Currently, we are just waiting to get our hands on some old Nokia phones. Once they are secured, I’ll be hanging up my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for my weapon of choice: the Nokia 5110. How long this ordeal lasts is in your hands.

Goos3D does Dare to Care

The goal is for Goosed.ie to raise at least €1000 for Dare to Care. All you need to do is donate. You have control over how long this lasts by helping us reach these milestones:

  • €100 will get us started
  • €250 to force us into a second week
  • €500 to force us into a third week
  • and €750 to make us go a whole month from the day we start in an effort to hit €1000.

You can expect to see freakouts, photos taken with an actual camera, Snake score updates, confusion, and a distinct lack of phone charging throughout.


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