You are one of two kinds of people. Either you borrow someone elses Netflix account, or you are the one who decided to share Netflix. The latter are generous and trusting. Not only do you let your friends have freebies, but you share your Netflix password too. Thankfully, your trust has been rewarded by the team at AccessURL.

Is it ok to share Netflix?

No. Sharing your Netflix details is dangerous and almost certainly illegal, resting in a grey area at best. With that said, I do it. I’m not alone. I’d wager the vast majority of Netflix subscribers have at least one person they share their account details with. Now, for a moment, ask yourself what password you use for Netflix. Where else do you use it? You use the same email to log into something else with the same password too right? Now you can see the real problem.

The people in charge of Netflix don’t appreciate you sharing your details, but more importantly, it leaves you open to data leaks. Obviously, this is not cool.

AccessURL gives access to friends and family while protecting you

Chrome extensions usually provide some kind of convenience for users. AccessURL provides convenience and peace of mind – and is remarkably easy to use.

AccessURL allows you to provide access to your password protected accounts without sharing your email and password. Furthermore, AccessURL allows you to decide how long your family or friend can access your account too. Yes, you take the power back! Of course, this works with Netflix and is the most recognisable use, but it would appear to work with any account.

AccessURL makes sharing Netflix a little safer

How does AccessURL work?

Perhaps the most important aspect of AccessURL is how simple it is to use in your efforts to share Netflix. With the Chrome extension installed, you navigate to, and log into, the service you are looking to share. You then click the AccessURL icon in Chrome, select how long you would like to share Netflix (or a similar service), and finally select “create Access url”.

AccessURL lets you Share netflix without sharing passwords

You are then presented with a unique Access URL that you can send to a friend or family member. It’s important you let them know that they will need the Chrome extension installed too.

Is AccessURL secure?

Giving access for your accounts to anyone is a bad idea. For the duration you select when creating the Access URL, who ever has that URL will have full access to your account. During that time, they can treat your account like you would. Sure, they can probably try and reset your password, but they won’t have access to your email. Of course, you could also give them another Access URL with that if you wanted to.

The question here shouldn’t be if AccessURL is secure. In truth, you should ask is it more secure than sharing your email address and password with friends and family. To this question, it’s much easier to say yes. Should you change your mind, return to the website and you can revoke the URL too.

With security being so important, the team behind the extension have thought about protecting users. For example, if you log out of your Netflix account, the receiver of your Access URL will also be logged out. This is possible as the system depends on cookies (those little bits of data that track you online).

The verdict

All in all, AccessURL is a bad idea that solves a problem created by a much worse idea. People will always share Netflix and other services. This neat little Chrome extension provides you with some sort of protection. Just make sure you always select some sort of expiration for your Access URL.


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