What Does Xiaomi Entering the Irish Market Mean For You?


You might have seen that we’ve talked in depth about the expansion of Asian smartphone companies and their arrival in Ireland, with Xiaomi being the most recent example. Xiaomi as a company adds a whole lot to the Irish smartphone market and their continued existence is what keeps some manufacturers pushing to achieve the next big thing. When a company can undercut you in costs every step of the way, the only way to beat them is to innovate. Since 2010, the European website xiaomi.eu officially works with the company and as such representatives have put out an appeal looking for potential Irish consumers and what they value in a smartphone.

We want to ask you, our readers, to tell us what exactly it is you want from your smartphone. Do you go for high-end offerings from the likes of Samsung and Apple, or would you rather not break the bank and go for cheaper alternatives? What is it that you use your smartphone for most? These are the kinds of questions that Xiaomi is looking to have answered so that they can successfully enter the Irish market in the best way possible.

To answer, jump onto Facebook and comment under this post or head on over to Twitter using the hashtag #XiaomiIreland.

What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of Xiaomi’s arrival in Ireland and what could they do better to best enter the market? Would they best benefit from launching their TV boxes here, their Android tablets or their Android smartphones? The Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 recently released, a high-end Android tablet that you can use for multimedia consumption and gaming. These are the kind of things that the company is attempting to get information on.

I’m personally looking forward to the arrival of Xiaomi to the Irish market. Amid privacy concerns from Chinese based smartphone companies, some may remain sceptical. These companies are not after your data and companies such as Xiaomi actually profit from their other divisions more – their cheap smartphones are simply a way of getting their name out. We’ve already seen how stunning the Huawei P20 Pro is so we could very well be heading towards a smartphone renaissance.

So let us know what you think, and what it is you value most in a smartphone. We’ll be relaying your feedback over to Xiaomi, so have at it!

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