Five things Apple didn’t shout about for iPhone 7 launch


Apple is well known for shouting about their “best features ever” at every product launch. iPhone 7 was launched with the usual fanfare of features but there are a few items Apple didn’t shout about. Here are our favourite five.

Jet Black is going to scratch really easily

Just an hour or so after the launch of the iPhone 7, the first images emerged from San Franciso as technology journalists got hands on with the latest iPhone. One image emerged which appeared to show scratches on the iPhone 7 Jet Black.

Sure enough, Apple has even admitted that Jet Black model customers should be aware their handset is likely to show signs of wear rather easily. On the iPhone 7 product page, you’ll spot a little 2 sitting beside the Jet Black model. Sure enough, they are admitting it may scratch rather easily.


Yes you read that correctly. Apple have the cheek to take the opportunity to peddle their cases! Well, to be fair you would be mad to shell out that kind of cash and not put a case on it. Jet Black throws up another unsung bit of news from the Apple Event.

Jet Black available in limited models

Sure you can still get the Black iPhone 7 in all capacities but after making a big deal about Jet Black, not everyone will be able to get it. Actually, we’d wager very few indeed! Jet Black will only be available to users purchasing the 128GB and 256GB iPhone 7. If you are one of the many who opt for the lowest capacity, which has just upgraded to 32GB, you have to settle for boring old Black. First world problems.

Listening to music on a low battery?

I remember a time when low battery meant I had to plug in my phone while I listened to music. Actually, I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, so that’s still the case. In truth, I actually use wireless fast charging while listening to music through my wired earphones. Apple’s flagship can’t to any of this, not even the simple stuff like charging while you listen to music on your earphones. Thanks to the combination of charging and audio into one port, you have to choose. Unless of course, you purchase yet another accessory Apple has forced onto the market.

Wireless AirPods, Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth adaptors, allow you to listen to music while you charge your iPhone 7. Apple has also created a gorgeous docking station for the iPhone 7. The dock allows users a convenient point to charge their device while also providing a good old-fashioned 3.5mm headphone socket on the back. A very nice accessory for your nightstand or desk in work.

sync and charge while listening to music on iPhone 7

You’ll pay €59 for the privilege of owning one. Apple describes it as an accessory allowing you to “listen to music while you sync and charge.”

There is no fast charging

I also mentioned there how I love fast charging. Other industry leaders like Samsung, HTC, Huawei and LG include fast charging for their flagship phones. Fast charging is great for when you need to listen to music but can’t charge and listen at the same time. It allows you to go from 0% to 50% battery in 30 minutes. Still, Apple felt their range of iPhones didn’t need it.

Honest moment here. I never thought I needed fast charging until I had it. It’s so handy.

Old iPhone models are getting a memory boost

Okay so admittedly, they did shout about this, but everyone is so caught up in new iPhone 7 news it’s not getting much attention. In the coming months, the iPhone 6s will be getting upgraded to 32GB. Now it’s important you understand what this means.

If you already have an iPhone 6s 16GB you are stuck with it. There is no scheme to get you up to 32GB. Sorry.

If you are going to a shop to buy an iPhone and they only have a 16GB model, you’ll probably be limited to that option. Retailers will need to sell through their stock before trying to sell the news iPhone 6s 32GB.


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