Black Mirror Season 4: What We Know and Launch Date

black mirror season 4

Black Mirror is a funny old show. It originally aired on Channel 4 and received a muted response. Muted by comparison to the reaction it got since Netflix picked it up. Collectively, everyone has watched Black Mirror’s take on human progression within the context of technology and, so far, the show has been getting things frightfully accurate. Perhaps a little too close to the bone in some episodes.

With a new season right around the corner, just how much do we know about Season 4?

Warning: Mildest of spoilers ahead

What to Expect in Black Mirror Season 4

So far, we only really have a two-minute trailer to tell us what’s going on with season 4 of Black Mirror. This trailer in fact:

The words “everything happens for a reason” are quite prominent throughout the trailer. This definitely suggests that we’re in for another six episodes of Black Mirror showing humanity’s self-destructive side.

Online Dating

We all know that dating has changed dramatically since Tinder entered the market. Thanks to a simple swiping app, people can feel the joy of rejection from the comfort of their own home. In all honesty though, many now ignore the life of going on the pull in nightclubs, opting instead for a quick Tinder surf. There’s even a Belgian guy travelling around Europe right now using only Tinder for accommodation!

But a lot of this online dating malarky has left us slightly in fear of real-world connections. From the Black Mirror trailer, it looks like this is certainly one of the themes season 4 will hit upon going by the Edna and Mike scene.

It also looks like smart assistants will cameo in this too, but it looks unlikely that Google or Amazon will have agreed to sponsor this episode.

Escaping Reality to Virtual Worlds

Virtual reality and augmented reality don’t seem to be going away. Why exactly we’re so obsessed with leaving the mundaneness of our own reality might not be a massive mystery to some, but Black Mirror believes it can have a massive impact on the mind. Season 3 had one episode dedicated to this, but it looks like this theme will appear at least once again in season 4.

Recognising What We’re Doing to the Real World

In an interesting twist for Black Mirror, it looks like the show will tackle global warming too. It’s unclear whether some clips are all from one episode or not, but it certainly looks like global warming and how humans are destroying the planet will featuring in season 4.


You know the way iPhones and Android phones can be found remotely? For the former, it’s the well know “Find my iPhone”. Well, is using that to see where you’re kids are a little creepy? In an episode titled “ArkAngel”, this is the topic tackled by a slightly more modern, implantable, kind of technology.

When is Black Mirror Season 4 Out?

You’ll be able to stream season 4 of Black Mirror, on Netflix, from 29 December. Then curl up into a ball and fear the world.

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