Why buy an Apple Watch? Well, it could save your life

Why buy an Apple Watch Cardiogram could save your life

What’s the point in smartwatches eh? Stupid yolks you have to charge every night amiright? Look, I’m an avid smartwatch fan, in particular, the Huawei Watch which I’ve been rocking for an age now. I do understand the apprehension, but with the right innovations, you might buy an Apple Watch because it might save your life. This isn’t pie in the sky stuff either, mainly thanks to the app Cardiogram.

What is Cardiogram?

According to their website, Cardiogram is all about organising your mobile health data and making it useful. We’re going to go ahead and dig a little deeper. First of all, you’ll need an Apple Watch to get the most from Cardiogram. The app uses the Apple Watch’s built-in heart sensor to track your heart rate in real time. Looking back through the app, you’ll be able to tell when that asshat pulled out in front of you on the way home. Again, perhaps this all sounds a little gimmicky while smartwatch fans struggle to justify these expensive gadgets, but there’s more.

How can the Apple Watch save your life?

The clever people behind Cardiogram teamed up with the University of California San Francisco to carry out some clever research. They signed up 6,158 people through the Cardiogram to share their heart rate readings. While most had normal readings, around 200 had an abnormal heartbeat. Using this research, the developers programmed some artificial intelligence within the app to detect similar heart irregularities for users of the app.

Who can this help?

Cardiogram’s research also uncovered that 25% of strokes are caused by heart beat irregularities. The irregularities that cause the strokes are treatable, with relatively cheap drugs, but often go unnoticed. Should Cardiogram continue their stunning progress, wearing an Apple Watch or Android Wear smartwatch could save your life. With their research still ongoing, the Apple Watch combined with Cardiogram can detect heartbeat irregularities with 97% accuracy. Smartwatches could become much more than a Rolex with a crap battery.

Grab the Cardiogram app from the iOS app store now. Coming soo to Android.

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