What is Instagram Reels?

Over the past few days, you may have noticed a new video editing section within your Instagram app called “Reels”. This can be found via your Instagram camera. But what is it I hear you say? Well, it seems that Instagram is attempting to capitalise on Tik Tok’s current misfortune globally and offer the world an alternative.

“Reels” is Instagram’s answer to Til Tok. This isn’t the first time Instagram has been inspired by another social media platform’s idea. In 2016, Instagram introduced their Instagram “Story” function, which was created from the template of the booming new social media platform of the time, Snapchat. Since then, Instagram’s Story function has twice the users of Snapchat. This doesn’t come as a surprise seeing as Instagram has far more option to express your creativity, and Snapchat has essentially become a massive billboard/online magazine.

So back to Reel, how does it work? And how does it compare to Til Tok.

How to use Instagram Reels.

Create a “Reel” works similarly to how you you create a story. You combine videos with AR effects, music, a timer and countdown. You can also take more than one video and stitch them together to create a more creative video. When stitching the videos together, you can use the “Align” option, which allows for a seamless transition between videos. The videos can be up to 15 seconds long can saved as drafts to be edited later or can be posted right away.

What is better? Til Tok or Instagram Reels?

Currently, we haven’t gotten to do much testing on Instagram Reels as it’s so new, but from what we have seen, it seems great. Til Tok is still the king when it comes to this kind of content creation, but Instagram Reels is only a few days old. If you are feeling a bit sketchy about using Til Tok and want to come off of it, Reels seems like your best option. In this day and age, software developers are able to churn out new features that we can use on our social media on almost a daily basis, so you will see constant improvements coming to Reels.

If you want to see Reels’ potential, head on over to Instagram and search for #Reels and see what some users have already created. And don’t forget to tag @goosed_ie if you want to be featured on our story.

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