Microsoft using tech to stop cancer

micosoft use tech to stop cancer

Microsoft today announced their plans to use tech to stop cancer. Using computer science, the technology giant believes they can view cancerous cells as lines of code. Once you have lines of code, they can be reprogrammed into a healthy state.

Biology and computing are actually remarkably alike, sharing several deep connections. Microsoft is developing molecular computers built from DNA which destroy cancer cells, patrolling the body like a doctor. Imagine a world where you could receive live notifications about cells developing within your body. In the UK, almost 10,000 live could have been saved by earlier diagnosis, a future which Microsoft are working towards.

Microsoft does not look at cancer as a disease, but instead, a problem that can be solved. By using technology, we can learn to understand cancer and the processes that turn a cell cancerous. What Microsoft is attempting to do is extremely complex and harnesses computing ideas such as machine learning. You can read more about the inner workings on the Microsoft News site.

As Microsoft use high-tech to beat cancer, we here at are using low-tech. The team is downing their smartphones in aid of the Irish Cancer Society by taking part in TodayFM’s Dare to Care. How long they go for is in your hands. Once the team reaches €750 they will be going a full month without their smartphones. Get involved below.



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