Dare to Care: One week without a smartphone

dare to care day seven

It has one week without a smartphone. I’m almost certain the last time I went this long without a smartphone was before I ever had a smartphone. I’ve made some observations.

Is it actually easier than it looks?

Honestly, I think it is. Sure, I’ll regret saying that in two weeks, but at the moment it’s not too bad. And that’s not to say I haven’t been tested. I’ve been driving around finding places without using the TomTom Go app on my smartphone. A combination of road signs and people who work in the toll bridges seem to get me to where I’m going.

The Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards

blog awards silver

For Goos3D to attend an awards night, win silver and barely be able to talk about it online – that was tough! At the same time, the event was full of circus acts, clowns, and stunts. We got to enjoy the lot without trying to catch a trendy Instagram post. Getting to the venue was interesting.

Bus strikes meant a taxi to Dun Laoghaire was the only option. Hailo doesn’t work great with the Nokia 5110, but I didn’t have it that bad. Jon and Dean had to make their way from Limerick to Dublin. The most use their phones had on the way up was the celebratory call from Jon to say he’d made it to the hotel!

What has changed after one week without a smartphone?

People seem to prefer calling me now. This may be down to the fact that the Nokia 5110 doesn’t even have a T9 dictionary (that’s predictive texts). The result is me sending short, snappy replies, usually in shouty caps lock. This leads to people saving me the misery and just calling me, avoiding ten minutes of WhatsApp messages by choosing a 30-second call.

I do, however, miss the use of a speaker phone button. If someone calls when I’m driving and I haven’t got the handsfree kit plugged in (review to come), pulling over or breaking the law are my only choices.

Nostalgia corner

I have fully fledged butt dial paranoia. Already, I’ve had a call go for quite some time in my pocket without knowing about it. It’s been years since that happened. Also, after receiving about ten text messages, the Nokia 5110 was completely full and showed a flashing SMS logo in the top left corner. The result is me frantically freeing up space by deleting messages. Memories.

You can help fight cancer by getting involved with Goos3D’s Dare to Care campaign in aid of the Irish Cancer Society.

One week without a smartphone

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