Normally it would be easy to let virtual reality advancements, like Google Daydream, pass you by. VR has reached a point where it has become almost impossible to ignore the latest developments, and Daydream deserves all your attention.

What is Google Daydream?

Google Daydream homescreenIt has been two years since Google shook the VR world with Cardboard. While excitement was growing thanks to the crowd funded Oculus Rift, Google’s simple cardboard solution would allow users to witness VR first hand for €30, if not less. Google is now targeting the wonderful HTC Vive experience.

We were recently blown away by the Vive as the controllers were not as clunky and non-intuitive as we feared. The price, unfortunately, was exactly as we feared. Google Daydream is expected to do exactly what Android did for smartphones. Android provided one uniform platform that manufacturers could all use, basically standardising the smartphone industry while creating opposition for iOS.

Google Daydream should become the platform that all VR app developers aim for, providing an experience on par to the Gear VR but being compatible with more smartphones. The software experience of the headset certain seems to be mimicking the success of Samsung’s creation.

What makes Google Daydream different?

Google IO demo of Daydream ControllerGoogle Daydream is an ambitious project, but who can doubt Google. The project aims to become the standardised VR  platform everyone adopts. We can already imagine one of these sitting in 50% of homes after the launch, so this really is a big deal.

In terms of progress, the Daydream builds upon the simplicity of the Google Cardboard project by including one motion sensor controller, inspired by the success of the HTC Vive. While it is building upon the Cardboard, the Daydream will step the game up significantly, with studios such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Epic games all committing to creating content with the device. A sequel to Gunjack: EVE is expected to be the launch title.

The controller that is included solves a problem many may not have believed existed until the HTC Vive arrived on the market. Such controllers act as a bridge between the you and the immersive world of VR.

Google Daydream release date and price

The headset is likely to enter the market at a Samsung Gear VR price point, so expect to pay €99 of the package. Daydream will available for purchase between late September and early November: just in time for Christmas.

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