Call Forwarding: Prepping for our Dare to Care challenge


So it turns out some modern networks don’t work on older mobile phones, leading to me looking into call forwarding.

I’m currently using one of Ireland’s MVNO networks: iD Mobile. Unfortunately, MVNOs such as Tesco Mobile, iD Mobile and Virgin Media don’t work with older Nokia phones. To overcome this problem, I just got myself a SIM on a different network. Not wanting to miss any calls on my old number, I investigated if I could use call forwarding to redirect incoming calls to my new mobile number.

Why don’t all networks work with older phones?

Mobile phone providers have changed a lot since the Nokia 5110 first emerged onto the market 18 years ago. Most importantly, our phones are now smart and connect to the internet via 4G. In Ireland, we also have MVNO networks and other technical aspects that we have to consider. Long story short: our networks got modern and older phones are old.

Which networks work with older phones?

Call forwarding network testing showing Nokia with Eircell and Digifone

To be safe, you’re best just going with Vodafone for older phones. Three operate purely on 3G signals. Irish MVNOs run on Three, meaning they are all ruled out too. I also tested out eir which initially didn’t work, though that was possibly down to the Nokia 5110. When searching for networks I was greeted with Eircell and Digifone – neither of which had any involvement with Meteor or eir. I can only vouch for Vodafone now.

Setting up call forwarding on Irish mobile networks

Setting up call forwarding is actually really simple and useful. Redirecting phone-calls is far from sexy stuff, but there are several times you can use it. For example, if you are going on holidays and want someone to handle your calls. Also, if you are giving up your smartphone to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society, it helps to keep in touch.

What you will need for call forwarding

  1. Access to your current phone number
  2. The phone number you want to forward your calls too
  3. A code to tell your network what to do

How to setup call forwarding on an Irish mobile network

  1. On the phone you are looking to forward, dial **21*(number you want to divert to without the brackets)#
  2. Would you believe that’s it? All your calls are now forwarded to that number you punched in.

When you are finished, hit ##21# and everything goes back to the way it was.

There you have it. A super simple way to redirect mobile phone calls. This was all part of our Dare to Care campaign. Getting ready to go smartphone free involves lost of testing and prepping. Just like checking out the alarm!

Support Goos3D in reaching our €1000 goal for the Irish Cancer Society.

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