Trump is blocking celebs on Twitter and we’ve got the solution

Trump is blocking celebs on Twitter

Trumps presidency has already been one awash with childishness to-date. It doesn’t look like it’s going to get much better any time soon.

Trump is blocking celebs on Twitter

Today, Trump blocked Stephen King from reading his tweets. No, I shit you not:

The second tweet by King is a great point. The entire internet is pulling Trump’s tweets apart, also who the hell tweets and then wants it to be kept a secret? To be honest, we didn’t put too much time into thinking about Trump making sense as we know this is all par for the course.

Always being up for some divilment, we got to thinking: just how easy would it be to bring Trumps tweets those he blocked.

Yeah, we turned it around pretty quickly, but there’s now a site that publishes all of Trump’s tweets. We’re going to say it’s in BETA for now, but it works.


And you can also follow out Trump-clone Twitter account.

The whole idea here is that he’s probably doing more harm than good with his Twitter rants, so we want to make sure everyone can read his non-sense. We’re not alone in this logic either:



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