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wwdc18 apple updates

WWDC18: Everything About the Next Suite of Apple Updates

Summer is finally here, and the reason we know that for sure is that Apple has just opened the doors to their annual June...

Payment Methods: A Wealth of Options to Spend

Recently I opened a new current account with a bank which offers Apple Pay as one of their payment methods. Being a bit of a...
apple pay in ireland

Why Apple Pay Is Better Than Paying With Your Card

If you're an Apple iPhone, Watch or Mac user and you bank with AIB, KBC or Ulster Bank, did you know you can use...

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Google Fined €4.3 Billion by EU

The EU has fined Google €4.3 billion for forcing mobile phone manufacturers to install Google Play and Google Chrome on new smartphones. A Google spokesperson...
google home launch ireland

Google Home in Ireland: Review and Complete Buyers Guide

It's taken a shocking amount of time, but Google has finally launched their smart assistant range in Ireland. Earlier this year, Amazon began officially...
youtube premium ireland

YouTube Premium Launches in Ireland: Say Goodbye to YouTube Ads

I'm sure we've all been there. Watching YouTube videos, casually cursing under your breath for every single ad that comes along. And then, oh...

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mastercard outage

Mastercard Outage: Anything VISA Can Do They Can Do Better

Mastercard has suffered what appears to be a worldwide outage of card services this evening. This comes just weeks after VISA suffered a similar...
can you use gdpr to leave the catholic church

Can You Leave the Catholic Church Using GDPR?

25 May 2018 was one hell of a day for Ireland. We Repealed the Eighth Amendment and paved the way for the women of...

HTC Exodus – The World’s First Blockchain Phone

I think most of us would agree, smartphone innovation has been pretty much non-existent in the last couple of years. More and more these...

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