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It’s officially here. After a limited launch during the summer, Meta Threads is now available in the EU and, of course, Ireland. Following the demise of Twitter, I’ve had to start 3 or 4 new social media accounts. If you’re up for starting another one, here are the top 9 profiles to follow on Threads Ireland.

Old Ireland in Colour

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Before I was a tech reviewer, I was studying history in college. I guess I still have a thing for it. Old Ireland in Colour is run by John Breslin. He takes beautiful old photos and some videos from Irish history and gives them some modern flair. I just can’t say no to having a few of these sprinkled into my news feed. Bonus points if you go pick up the page’s book. It’s not an ad or anything, I just think it’s cool.

Tara Povey

I’ve followed Tara’s social accounts in some way, shape or form for the past few years. On the surface, she’s a travel blogger known as Where Is Tara, but I’ve found myself agreeing with her food recommendations, odd rant or joke for as long as I can remember. When her profile popped up on Threads Ireland, I didn’t even hesitate. Done deal, moved on.

Like so many Irish creators, I’m looking forward to seeing what different spin on her creator profile Threads brings out.

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Rick O’Shea

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Ah sure we all know Rick. Rick is an RTÉ DJ. What has stood out to me with his Threads posts to date is that he really gets to vibe we all have on there. We all want something that isn’t Twitter. Or as someone described it – we want Twitter from 10 years ago back. He’s already recommending muting some news accounts instead keeping Threads for good vibes, not current affairs.

Naturally, do with Threads what you like, but early indicators are that people are here for a good time, not a heavy time.

Adrian Weckler

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I’m cautious about recommending journalists (sorry Donnie, you nearly made the cut), but Adrian is a must-follow. First of all, Adrian is a brilliant technology journalist, but he’s also a stunning photographer. From the Dublin riots to candid moments around Dublin, it’s rare a post from Adrian doesn’t grab my eye.

Fred Kelly

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Speaking of excellent photography and at the risk of over-indexing pretty pictures – Fred, AKA Raw Dublin, is one of the most incredible shooters on Instagram and now Threads. That’s it. That’s the recommendation. Just go look at his profile.


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I’m allowing myself one beer-related recommendation and going with Ballykilcavan. This Laois-based brewery excels at making cracking beer, but also being sustainable and generally sound. Their account is full of updates from the farm they grow their ingredients on and, of course, new beers they’re launching. Everything I need to be honest.

Hearthfire Tales

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This is a whole thing I’m working on separately. Dungeons and Dragons never really declined in popularity but it’s certainly enjoying a recent increase in interest – possibly down to the movie that came out. Hearthfire Tales is an Irish TTRPG Podcast (that’s a table-top role-playing game podcast) from Ireland that marries the niche with metal. Hell yes.

The guys regularly post across different platforms, including TikTok where you’ll arguably get the best experience with them.

By following on Threads, you’ll be following Ireland’s leading TTRPG podcast and be reminded when the lads are going live. Watch this space because I plan to do a bigger piece on this in the coming weeks!

Paul Olima

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Have I ever scrolled past a Paul Olima post? No, I have not. Have I ever resisted busting out laughing at his posts? No, I have not.

I probably feel more comfortable calling him Omega, but his posts have a particular trademark style. The move is simple. Take a viral video, and provide a different angle to what’s happening. He. Never. Misses. Just check out his “behind the scenes” shot of the now infamous BBC presenter count down above.

He’s always got something new going on too, so his account is a worthy follow.

Garron Noone

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It doesn’t really matter where you follow Garron, but just make sure you’re following him. He’s been blowing up the past 6 months. Chicken fillet roll reviews? He’s got it. Singing at F1 events – yep, he’s got that too.

What I’m excited to see with Garron’s account is:

  1. What collabs he pulls in. He’s a master collaborator and tends to find other accounts outside his niche, and nail working with them.
  2. What his daily quote ends up being. We’re on day one, so I’m hopeful he makes the most of this new functionality Threads brings to the table.

That’s my favourite accounts to date on Threads Ireland, but it’s only been a week; less even! Missed someone you simply must follow? Well then, go give me or the Goosed Threads page a follow and let me know. We’re retiring the Twitter page at long last in the coming weeks so that’ll be a big new outlet for us. I plan to update this article with more great accounts as I find them.

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