nokia 3310 is finally back

2 August 2017. Chalk it down and remember the date. Finally, the most hotly anticipated phone of 2017 is going to hit Irish shores.A year ago, if you said to anybody that a retro Nokia would be the big hit of Summer, you’d have been locked up. But that is exactly what has happened.

The all new Nokia 3310 is finally going on sale in the UK and Ireland, the long wait is over and Snake is back!

The old school Nokia took the world by storm when it was unveiled at this years MWC in Barcelona. It managed to eclipse the flagship smartphones at the event, generating a level of hype we haven’t seen in a long time.

an astonishing groundswell of interest in the Nokia 3310




Under the hood

The Nokia 3310 has been brought into the modern era with a new bigger colour screen, an updated design that’s claimed to be even more durable. Yes more durable! Is that even possible?

The 3310 even now comes with a rear camera, something that back in the day we could only dream off. Most importantly there is going to be an incredible month long battery, which will be a welcome change from daily charging.

Did we also mention Snake makes a return?

Pick Up The Nokia 3310

So how much is this all going to cost? So far the rumour is that the Nokia 3310 will go on sale for anything between €49 and €80. All the major networks apart from Three has confirmed that they will be stocking the 3310. It will also be landing in four colour – Red, Yellow, Blue and Grey.  I’ll be taking mine in red.

We’ve already gone into detail on the Nokia 3310, but here are the key specs:

Nokia 3310 specs:

• Software platform: Nokia Series 30+
• Weight: 79.6 g (including battery)
• Display: 2.4’’ curved window colour QVGA (240*320)
• Connectivity: micro USB, 3.5mm AV connector
Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM
• Camera: 2MP camera with LED flash
• MicroSD card support up to 32GB*
• LED torchlight


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