Rate Limit Exceeded: Twitter Isn’t Actually Down

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I’ve deleted my personal Twitter quite some time ago. I jump onto the Goosed Twitter account from time to time still to see what’s trending. Today, I spotted #RateLimitExceeded. Turns out lots of Twitter users believed the platform was having technical issues meaning Bank of Ireland customer on Twitter are having an awful two days. But the truth is, Twitter has implemented a new limit on the number of posts users can read.

Twitter’s New Rate Limit Explained

Twitter’s ever-controversial owner, Elon Musk, took to the platform today to explain why users are seeing “rate limit exceeded” errors.

Musk claims the platform has implemented limits on the number of posts that you can read based on the type of account you have. This is an effort to reduce data and content scraping by third parties on Twitter.

Now, this also nudges Twitter users towards paying for the platform, no matter how Musk tries to dress that up.

So, if you’re seeing the rate limit exceeded error, I’m afraid it’s probably not going away. It’s a new “policy”.

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