Save when you buy tech from UK websites

save when you shop from uk websites

Generally speaking, the collapse of sterling is a bad thing. With that said, they brought it on themselves and now it’s time to reap the rewards! Right now, you can save around €30 per £100 you spend on tech from UK websites. Most of these sites deliver to Ireland, and if they don’t there are services like Parcel Motel which provides you with a virtual UK address. So here’s a few items we have our eye on.

Apple iPhone 7, Watch Series 2 and MacBook

Apple products are the first thing on many people’s shopping list. This has been boosted by the launch of the iPhone 7 and collapse of Samsung’s Note7. A 32GB iPhone 7 in Black will set you back €779 on Apple’s Irish site. The UK site sells the same model for £599, or €671. Ordering from the Apple’s UK website saves you a whopping €108.

A Gold Aluminium Case Apple Watch Series 2 with Cocoa Sport Band costs €379 while the same on Apple’s UK site costs just €335. Again, a massive saving of €44. The trend continues with Apple’s Macbook. If you were to pick up a 12″ MacBook in Currys or Apple’s Irish site, you’d fork out €1499. That exact same MacBook from both Currys UK or Apple UK would cost just €1175. You’d save €324 by importing your next laptop from the UK.

Nespresso machines and pods

George Clooney loves UK websites selling nespressoIt might not necessarily be tech, but Goos3D Tower is fueled by coffee. Also, Nespresso is horrendously expensive so if there’s a way to save we want to tell you about it. The Krups U Pure coffee machine costs €149 on their Irish site. You can get that same machine for €145 on their UK website.

An order of 100 Capriccio pods from the Irish Nespresso site will set you back €36 while the same from the UK costs just €32.50. You’ll save even more if you double that order as you’ll also get free delivery – though you’ll need to use Parcel Motel.

Games consoles

It’s coming up to the time of year Microsoft and Sony get very excited. Consoles will be shipping out in bulk ahead of the Christmas rush. Now is a great time to get in on the sterling crash and save yourself some money.

Xbox One S

With the new Xbox One S just after being released, Microsoft’s console is set to have another good Christmas. You can pick up the 500GB Battlefield 1 Xbox One S in GameStop locally for €299.99. The same console can be ordered from Amazon’s UK website for €279. A modest saving of €20, but if you’re in a hurry, combine that with an Amazon Prime trial and you’ll get it super quick.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation is very popular around here these days. PlayStation VR is nothing short of stunning considering it’s much more affordable to the average gamer than the likes of HTC Vive. If you wanted to get set up with PlayStation and PlayStation VR, now is the time.

To get up and running, you’ll need a PlayStation 4, a PlayStation VR headset, a PlayStation Camera, a PlayStation Move controller and, of course, a VR game like Rush of Blood. From GameStop, these items cost a combined €815. Quite impressive considering you wouldn’t even nearly be set up with a HTC Vive for that money. Still, there’s more money to be saved when you get started from

The very same setup above, when ordered from, costs just €769. So just a little shopping around will save you €46.

There you have a small selection of savings you can make when you shop from the UK. Sure, you could travel up to The North,but save yourself the petrol.

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