Oh, it’s an exciting time for cinema. Just this week we got to enjoy the latest Dan Brown movie adaption with Inferno. During the trailers prior to the movie, we spotted the Assasin’s Creed trailer with Michael Fassbender. Boy oh boy, does it look impressive.

That CGI “leap of faith” from the bell tower looked pretty awesome, right? Maybe give this a look and then completely re-appreciate the effort that goes into some cinema!

This got us pretty excited. Going to the cinema is pretty expensive these days, but even that won’t be able to keep us away from seeing Fassbender time-travel as an assassin. It’ll be an expensive 2017 as not only do we have Assassin’s Creed but the best soundtrack to a movie ever is getting a volume two.

Guardian’s of the Galaxy was a bit of a surprise package when it emerged in 2014. Set for a summer 2017 release, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is almost certainly going to be a hit. There’s not much we know about it as of yet except that Drax is getting more touchy-feely with age and that baby Groot is adorable.

That’s just two films showing the potential that’s on show for 2017. It’s going to be an expensive year.

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