Revolut Warning Customers About New Scam

Revolut, we have been big advocates for the online banking platform in recent years, but they have had to issue a warning to its users in recent days over scammers who have been trying to gain access to accounts fraudulently.

According to Revolut, these scammers have been calling customers pretending to be from their support team with the aim of getting customers to share their SMS login codes.

The online bank offers a banking service that includes pre-paid debit cards, currency exchange, cryptocurrency exchange and peer-to-peer payments – which can be particularly useful to users when travelling abroad.

Due to this recent scam, Revolut has warned customers that their platform is app only. As with any bank, customers will never ever ever be asked to enter their SMS or Pin codes on a website or give banking details over the phone.

If you are a Revolut User you might have seen the following notification, which appears to pop up when using the app, reminds users that Revolut employees will never ask for your SMS or pin code for the app.

Image result for revolut scam pop up

This notice has been sent to all customers regardless of whether or not they received a fraudulent call, so no need to freak out too much, but Revolut has obviously felt there was a need to raise awareness about potential security issues.

Any customers who feel they have been affected by the scam are encouraged to report suspicious behaviour to their support team via the app.

Just be wide and take this advice on board, share it with parents and whoever you might feel is at risk and here it is; No bank or company will ring you looking for bank details, a PIN number or any kind of verification info…..ever!

British financial company Revolut was founded in 2015 with over 200,000 Irish users.

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