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We’ve all been there. Someone appears at the house for Christmas that you didn’t expect or even worse, someone arrives that you’ve simply forgotten about. Don’t panic! The shops might be closed and online delivery is no longer an option, but you can still buy gift vouchers and gift cards from companies that deliver digitally and instantly. Yeah, you’re welcome! Digital gift cards are immediately delivered through either email or messaging apps like WhatsApp. Just double-check the numbers and emails you type.

I get vouchers from people every year for Not once have I thought it was rushed or unthoughtful. In fact, these might very well be my favourite vouchers to get because I’m guaranteed to find something I want. With 32% of Irish shoppers opting for the mega-online-retailer, Amazon vouchers are a great last-minute gift idea.

Once purchased, you can either opt for digital delivery or download a printable version which can be folded into a card. Win-win! Personally, my favourite option is to deliver via messaging. I love creating an animated greeting and sending via WhatsApp. Nice and handy while also adding some personality to what might be considered by some to be an impersonal gift.

Shop for digital Amazon gift cards over on the retailer’s website.

Digital One4All Vouchers

Can you even call it Christmas without either giving or receiving a One4All voucher? One4All vouchers are accepted over 8500 stores around Ireland, both online and offline. Now, you can buy a digital One4All card and send it to someone via an app like WhatsApp. This means if you’re caught out on Christmas morning with a nephew you forgot about, you can recover smoothly with a gift on a platform they use. I must add that I have not tested gifting by messaging over Tik Tok as I have no idea how it works.

digital one4all voucher

You can buy a digital One4All gift card over on their special website which also lets you customise the card with your own pictures and videos. Again, this makes what could be a last-minute gift look much better thought out and planned. Then you can email or WhatsApp the gift card to whoever needs it. Last-minute dot com wins again.

Buy a digital One4All voucher.

GameStop Virtual Gift Voucher

While your customisation options are going to be limited here, GameStop’s virtual gift voucher is a perfect last-minute gift idea for the gamer in your life. All you’ll need is an email address of who you’re gifting to and a short message with your greeting. If you don’t know their email address I guess you could email it to yourself or something, right?

Buy a GameStop gift voucher online.

Steam Gift Voucher

This is a bit more specific for gamers as you’ll need to know for sure that they game through Steam. If you do know that then you’re laughing. Oh, one other catch. You need to be a member of the Steam community and you need to know their Steam ID. Still, if you’re caught short on Christmas Day that’s some worthwhile research to get you out of a bind.

Buy Steam gift vouchers online.

Zara Digital Gift Card

Looks, I know not everyone is a nerd like me. I’ve never in my life bought a digital Zara gift card but I just wanted to tell you the option exists. You can customise the card somewhat and then send it via email. Boom. The voucher can then be redeemed online or in-store and remains valid for three years.

Buy a digital Zara gift card online.

River Island Digital Gift Card

Rinse and repeat what I said for Zara but replace Zara with River Island. Again, while there are limited customisation options the River Island digital gift card is sent immediately which means you can avoid that horrible “damn, I forgot to buy someone a Christmas present”.

Buy a digital River Island voucher.

TK Maxx Digital Gift Card

Here’s an interesting one. Similarly to an Amazon voucher, I don’t think I could be disappointed by a TK Maxx gift card. They always have something worth picking up in-store from casual clothes to work outfits, decent runners or shoes and even gadgets. TK Maxx has also jumped on the digital gift card buzz which means it’s another last-minute option worth keeping in the back pocket.

Buy a digital TK Maxx gift card.

Buy A Digital Press Up Gift Card

WTF is Press Up I hear you say. Well, if you live in Dublin and are partial to a few notions I can almost guarantee you’ve eaten in a Press Up restaurant. Some of Dublin’s favourite eateries are owned by this group including Wowburger, Tomahawk and Elephant and Castle, to name but a few. Strangely, I sometimes hate the idea of these big chains posing as independent styled restaurants but then I eat there and love it.

Best of all, is you have a friend who moved to Dublin a few years ago before completely falling in love with the notions of the place, this is a perfect gift voucher. Better still, you can buy these vouchers online and have them digitally delivered via email.

Let your friends eat notions and buy them a Press Up digital gift card.


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