Joe Biden Victory Speech Had A Drone Light Show

After four years of metaphorical fireworks under Donald Trump, it’s nice to celebrate some actual fireworks after Joe Biden was confirmed as President-Elect in a close run U.S. Presidential battle. During his drive-in victory speech in Delaware the President-Elect said “the whole world is watching America” and I don’t think he was wrong. While I’m delighted with Biden’s election and ecstatic with the appointment of Kamala Harris as Vice President-Elect, it was the fireworks and drone-show which caught my eye at the end.

What Is A Drone Show?

Drone ownership has increased dramatically in recent years. The main reason for this is simple. The technology is improving exponentially every year which means it’s getting cheaper. This is very important for drones because consumers fear nothing more than the thoughts of forking out two grand on a drone and landing it in a lake. Today, you can buy a DJI Mavic Mini for less than €500 and the flight controls are ridiculously simple.

While the consumer technology side of drones has improved so too has the business side of drones. Look at any Netflix documentary and nearly every cut-away transition shot will have been shot on a Hollywood-grade drone. Irish company, Manna Aero are actually delivering takeaways and groceries in Ireland with drones already.

Another growing space is drone entertainment also known as the drone show.

The first drone show I’d witnessed (online, not first hand) was choreographed for the Winter Olympics in Korea back in 2018. Unfortunately, due to a tech issue compounded by poor weather the Intel-powered drone show was cancelled but not before lots of dry run footage was captured.

This stunning light show is made possible by specialist drones fitted with lights and then programmed and synchronised to fly in choreographed formations. The result is honestly breathtaking and that’s coming from a man who sees mind-blowing technology on a regular basis.

Verge Aero X1 – Image courtesy of Verge Aero, drone light show specialists

The standout benefit of drone shows for me is how they could become a very sustainable alternative to fireworks while delivering an even bigger and more memorable impact.

Incredible Guinness World Record Drone Show

I’m not over exaggerating with the level of impact these shows can deliver. Just last month, Shenzhen Damoda Intelligent Control Technology set the world record for most unmanned aerial vehicles in a centrally controlled light show. Check it out:

I read one comment on another video which exclaimed “imaging if people from one thousand years ago saw this. They would thing it was the gods”. I really don’t think you’d have to go back that far at all to find people left shook by these.

Biden Victory Drone Show

Actually, you only have to look at President-Elect, Joe Biden at his victory speech.

That is someone having their breath taken away by his surname being spelt out in mid-air with hundreds of drones. During the ten minute show, fireworks and drones teamed to provide the backdrop to a meaningful soundtrack including Biden’s late son’s favourite Coldplay song.

You can re-live the full original broadcast of this hybrid drone and firework show celebrating the new Biden/Harris administration.

Alternatively, you can watch the Trump campaign’s press conference which was held outside a landscaping office called Four Seasons Landscaping, reportedly because of a mistake in booking the Four Seasons Hotel.

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