Twitter Account Of Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO and Co-founder, Hacked

jack dorsey twitter hacked

If Jack’s account isn’t safe, well then, just who’s account is? Twitter CEO and co-founder, Jack Dorsey had his account hacked today which led to a plethora of racists tweets from his account.

Jack Dorsey’s Account Tweeting Racist Stuff

Today at about 19.30 Irish time, Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account blew up into a barrage of racist tweets.

jack dorsey racist tweets

Some of the tweets mentioned another Twitter user’s account who claimed responsibility for the hack.

Less that two hours after the tweets were sent out, Twitter confirmed their CEO’s account was compromised from their comms account.

How Could The Twitter CEO Have His Account Hacked?

It’s difficult to understand just how his account would have been compromised. I would have imagined that the CEO of Twitter would have enough sense to enable two-factor authentication. That means, to gain access to the account, hackers would have needed Dorsey’s password and his mobile phone or at least a cloned version of his SIM.

Tech Crunch spotted that the rouge Tweets were sent from a service called Cloudhopper. This means it’s entirely possible that it was an approved third party app which was compromised and not the core account.

Anyway, it’s a fairly embarrassing thing to happen for a social media platforms CEO. We all know Facebook hasn’t covered itself in glory and Twitter themselves have been under the spotlight for their leniancy towards Donald Trump. Here’s hoping we get some more detail on what actually happened here and that Twitter locks things down.

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