BrusselsLockdown Cats

Within a week of the tragic Paris attacks, Brussels police have locked down the capital city owing to terror fears. We’ve already looked at how the tech world reacted to the Paris attacks, but a new trend has emerged following a Tweet from the Belgian Police.

Given the real time nature of news these days, thanks largely to the likes of Twitter and Periscope, Brussels police have asked the public to refrain from tweeting any updates on any operations the public may be witnessing. What was to follow this evening can only be described as brilliant.

#BrusselsLockdown – Radio Silence Makes Way for Armed Cats

One of those headlines you just can’t miss. Heeding the request from the Belgian Police, Twitter users went one further than just stay quiet. In typical internet fashion, the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown is now the home on Twitter for everything you would ever need to find on armed cats. Yup, you couldn’t make this stuff up. From military genius kitty to sniper rifle kitty, the whole lot is to be found on Twitter right now. While it may be considered a smart tactic to flood Twitter with information like this just in case some actual information comes through, the real win here is overcoming the tension that accompanies a city being shut down for days. Well played Belgium.

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